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What Colors Are Saying About Your Personality

What Colors Are Saying About Your Personality

Colors can be used in various ways to support your personality, emotional states, your health and foster specific feelings in the environments around you.

"Colors of the Wind"  What a beautiful song.

It always reminds me of a spiritual journey I led in Peru, specifically our time experiencing the Amazon Jungle.  Magically, eye-opening and like nothing you can imagine until you experience it yourself.

Anyway, listening to this song makes the colors of the wind and nature feel inspirational, magical and paints your mind alive!  Take that song for a ride, you'll see what I mean!

I teach my students how to heal with color in my Light Activation HealingWebinars and Intuitive Healing courses, as it is a priceless technique in relieving physical discomfort, clearing negative energy, feeling replenished and rejuvenated, and even to change or enhance your mood!

Think about your favorite colors, the colors you wear and how different colors make you feel when you look at them.

Colors speak volumes and will give you great personal insight on your typical thoughts, moods, emotions and energy.

I'd say, it is important to start taking notice to the colors in your daily life and seeing how they may be helping you or maybe hindering you.

Do you have a child that is hyper, easily stimulated or has a hard time going to sleep?  What color is their room?  Paint it a soft pastel green to create a soothing calm feeling.

Do you find yourself feeling down a lot?  Perhaps painting your room or wearing yellow or orange will help stimulate some positive pick me up energy.

It is an easy to change your mood if you need a quick attitude adjustment or if you have an important meeting where you may need to feel a bit more confident, relaxed or powerful.

... Or wait a minute, what about your Business Website!  Are the colors aligning with your intended feeling and message you want to project?  Whoa... Hello!!

Check your colors, baby!

Remember the song, "Mellow Yellow"? ... yeah, they were singing about come crazy stuff about, "saffron, 14, flying, electric banana..." but really, wasn't it all in all, "mellow?" - "quite right!" 😉  ... according to the color wheel, I'd say this song fits in the theme of:  warmth, free expression and funnily, decisiveness!

How about "Midnight Blue"?  Easy going lyrics of, "what ever it is it'll keep till the morning, giving a hand to a friend and thinking they can make it one more time," ... according to the color wheel it is in alignment with: patience, honor, respect, belief, faith, recovery.

Midnight Blue is particularly amazing to me, because there really is a midnight blue sky, and imagine as we are enveloped in the sea of midnight blue how it can affect our feelings, thoughts and moods, just being energized by nature.

Think about your days and nights, and what colors you are naturally exposed depending on weather,  the color theme associated with where you spend most of your time, and the colors you wear.  Yup!  It is all actively creating an "experience" for you.

This color wheel will show you how your colors are influencing your life!


Colors of Your Personality

Color Wheel by:  Crystal Vaults


Now it's Your Turn!  Please go the Comment Area Below and tell us your personality colors... were you surprised?  or did it totally make sense?


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39 Responses to What Colors Are Saying About Your Personality

  1. Thanks for the post and the colour wheel. Makes so much sense now why I am always attracted to pink/purple – I feel so alive when surrounded by these colours and now I see why.

    • Hi Kathie, Both of those colors definitely are funneled into a “higher connection.” I can see why… by chance are either your birth months? I love blues and pinks… my birthday falls in the blue category… interesting the colors I use in my website are turquoise and raspberry… very related to the description of these colors… cool.

  2. Awesome color wheel! I compared mine to my newly finished website – I really took time to select the colors for that site. Now the green falls squarely in awakening, and towards the darker ‘intelligence, exuberance’ end. The burgundy isn’t really in the color wheel, but I think it’s closest to the darker end of ‘intuition’ – destiny and magic.

    Those fit really well with my site – since it’s dedicated to helping creative entrerpreneurs become their best business selves, and the brand is inspired by Hogwarts 🙂

    • That’s wonderful, Angie! I saw the color wheel after I chose my website colors and was so pleased to see that they are exactly what I wanted to “project” for my website… I believe we all have intuition that plays into this! Thanks for commenting and sharing!

  3. Thanks for the info. I love colors! So, tonight I am returning to a job for the season that I didn’t think I was going to return to but my finances and current predicament took a role in my decision. There are people there that represented a lot of negativity last season and were not the nicest of people to me and I want to have no part of it this year without causing confrontation. I was thinking of wearing red to represent strength. I once heard an actor friend tell me that it’s a great color to wear on auditions. Kinda cool to see how some of the characteristics on your wheel are energy, courage, inner strength, etc. Thanks for this and the confirmation that my intuition is guiding me!

    • Perfect, Kristan! Definitely there is something to dressing to make a statement, and create a mood for yourself and those that interact around you. Ever notice how certain politicians wear red ties? hmmm… good luck with your next phase. Wishing you all the best.

  4. I love this colour wheel! It relates directly to Chinese Medicine and the Five Element Theory. The colors correspond directly to the colours of the foods you should be eating during each season, which relates to the corresponding body organ….so cool! Thank you for sharing this!

    • Thanks for sharing that information, Sue! I will go back and see how I can incorporate that, but intuitively I always knew that eating whatever is fresh in season is the best thing for our body’s. This is great info to know!

  5. What a fun & educational post! I am drawn to certain colors – purples (indigo, violet) and electric blues. My birthday would suggest yellow which hasn’t ever been a favorite of mine to wear (probably due to my pale skin-tone)… but I LOVE the words connected to yellow in the wheel you provided. So, I’m going to add more yellow into my life and home this summer. Thanks.

  6. Colours are a big part of everyone’s life. Me I love lilac, lavender and purple. I would not go into a store, shopping for clothes unless I saw something purple. I wasn’t aware I was doing it until I caught myself in the act. I have to make the intention to shop for other colours otherwise my closet would be all purple.

    • How interesting, Sharon, that you realized that bit about shopping. I can relate that if there is anything turquoise or pink, I am immediately drawn in… and many of my clothes are those 2 colors. The lilac, lavender and purple tell me that you must be a wise, balanced person.

    • Llyane, I like how you relate your feelings and life experience to colors… and even breathing… even ‘food’! haha… I’d say you are onto something here. Using colors to consciously accelerate self-growth and health is a great idea.

  7. Sistar Cindy!

    AWESOME post 🙂

    I was really interested to see that the colours I’ve chosen for my website are reflective of the colour for January 25th – my birthday! I wear mostly purple, pink, indigo and turquoise (with black 😉 ). But my favourite colour is green.

    This is so interesting and revealing. Thank you Beautiful Heart!

  8. This is a great post, Cindy! I love colours, too! When we bought our house and had to choose what kind of kitchen we wanted, all people thought I was crazy because I insisted on corn yellow for the main kitchen and on orange for the pantry! Now that I’ve seen your wheel it makes totally sense! 🙂

    • Hi Nathalie, those colors sound wonderful for a kitchen and pantry. I am renting, but love how the made the kitchen white with a deep red and the dining room a golden yellow. I love sitting in the golden yellow color a lot. I am moving soon and the owners were bold with their paint choices. The living room is like an aqua (turquoise) blue, the dining room if foam green, the kitchen is pale yellow, one bedroom is darker blue, the other is yellow and the other a blend of dark red and off white… so there is a lot of color going on in there. I’ll be living in a real time kaleidoscope!

  9. Love this! I immediately showed it to my husband as well, because we love personality insights. Such an interesting concept. I would love to spend more time on your site learning more.

    • Thanks Jenny, It really helps to understand anything and anyone better when you have a few more tips to work with! Thanks for reading and commenting and I hope you have a chance to see the rest of my website too!

  10. I love the color wheel. All my life blue has been my favorite, but starting a couple of years ago I’ve been really drawn to all shades of green. Reading the color wheel, I believe this is a reflection of what I’m going through in life. Very powerful. Thank you for sharing!

    • Yes, Pam, it is powerful when you can see how when things change, everything also has to adjust and change. Not only in colors, but people and everything around and involved with us. Oh, the picture just got bigger!

  11. Fun post Cindy. I always feel good in purple and purple-ish colors. Wisdom and intuition. Which feels just about right for me!

  12. i love love love COLOR! thank you so much for this informative and interesting post, cindy! my favorite color is kiwi-lime green. it is the featured color on my website and was also the wall color in my former wellness studio. the words on the color wheel associated with that color coincide exactly with what is going on in my life right now (becoming a global nomad on may 30!): change, learning, independence, meaning, awakening.

    • Awesome, April! I love that color too, actually. It makes me feel happy and positive. You are becoming a global nomad on May 30th??? Please fill me in!! I love being a nomad, was one for a few years (it seemed like)… I would love to hear about it, please! I’m happy for you!

  13. Hi Cindy,
    Just wondering how the implied colours & personalities relate to the Southern Hemisphere, where December/January are summer.
    Thanks x

    • Hi Karen, What a great question! They do not depict that or share info. Intuitively, when I looked at what you asked on the chart, I was first looking at it as if we had to feel the colors and emotions for example Dec/Jan: Violet – intuition, inspiration, etc and instead of “feeling them” in what “Winter feels like”, feel them in what “Summer feels like.” As I started it feeling it on my own to see what I ‘felt’… I realized I was feeling the chart, flipped… I was actually feeling: Jun/Jul: Yellow: enlightenment, free expression, etc. That was quite an amazing discovery. So I feel good sensing that for the Southern Hemisphere you would actually “flip the colors’ to align with the time of year and season and you’d be right on target. Looking at it that way, does it match up for you? I’m curious. Thanks for asking!

  14. None of them are my Colors, because I don’t have Greatness. And I certainly don’t have Kindness. So, say what you want to say about me. It would be Fair.

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