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Mt. Shasta, CA



Important Announcement:  We are excited to announce that we will be replacing out yearly journey to Mt. Shasta to a much purer and upgraded energy:  Join us in Bimini, Bahamas to connect with Atlantis!  

This is a powerful, meaningful and life-enriching journey that will be an experience that will leave you in blissful-awe and that you will carry with you forever.  Click here for details:  Bimini Journey ~ Atlantis!


Mt. Shasta Vortex Ceremony Journey ~ By Invitation Only

Join Cindy EylerHomer Castillo and Ai Ozawa for a positive life-changing experience in Mt. Shasta, CA!!  

Vortex sites and Sacred Ceremony opening portals to higher dimensions for personal transformation

Mt. Shasta Journey Cindy Eyler

Video of Our Amazing 2012 Mt. Shasta Journey!

 Cindy Eyler Mt Shasta Spiritual Journey

JOIN US:   By Invitation Only


Mt. Shasta Join Us


 We know how to take you "there!"


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Want to hear more from other journey participants say about our journeys?  


Watch the Testimonial Video:


Cleanse and elevate your body, mind, spirit!  

Mt. Shasta is a place of serenity, discovery,

and mystical energy that

opens you up to deeper spirituality.


There are many aspects of Mt. Shasta to experience and discover:

  • Explore the wonder on a variety of areas on Mt. Shasta
  • Mystical Healing Waters in the most magical area of Mt. Shasta
  • Purification and Healing
  • Vortices for Sacred Ceremony to Release Fears and Upgrade Your Desires into Being!  
  • Deep heart and soul purpose healing with Mother Mary at her Heavenly Gardens


Allow deep inner healings with Mother Mary and soothe your heart. 

Make a true heart connection with Mother Earth and the Unseen Dimensions around us! 

Clarity for personal growth and next steps for your path forward.  

A weekend intensive for transformation, positive shifts and rejuvenation!



Cindy Eyler Mt Shasta Spiritual Journey

Cindy Eyler Mt Shasta Spiritual Journey


Mt. Shasta is a power vortex that amplifies. 

Shed the old, renew with focus and clarity with a
variety of healing ceremonies




Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Alignments,

Night Time Star Gazing ~ Learn and experience Star Gate 'travel',

UFO Sightings and Personal Energetic Matrix Upgrades 

Each ceremonial intentionally builds upon the other for powerful shifts!

 Prepare to be amazed!


Rejuvenate and elevate your body, mind and spirit

~ Outer Adventure for Inner Discovery ~


 Join in with like-minded people in a safe and fun atmosphere!


Mt. Shasta Journey Panther Meadows with Cindy Eyler

This is a beautiful time of year to experience Mt. Shasta.

If you are feeling guided to come, please make your accommodation reservations ASAP to ensure there is space.

Let me know ASAP if you are coming so I can save your space!





Dates:  By Invitation Only!  Alternately:  Join us in Bimini!

Fee:  Does not include meals, transportation or accommodations


Full payment holds your space.

Payment options: please contact me to let me know when you are submitting payment to ensure it is received

Checks to: (note: no transaction fees added to check payments, but must be mailed in early in order to ensure delivery by due date) Contact Us for Mailing Address

Credit Card: (note add 3.5% use fee to cover transaction fees) and use email address:



  • Light Activation Healing Journey Leaders
  • Sacred Ceremonies
  • Personal & Group Healings
  • Healings & Meditations
  • Group Experiential Exercises
  • Unique Daily Activities



  • Travel Insurance - Recommended:  Due to the nature of this retreat being outside each day  the trip is highly weather dependent.  Of course we plan to be able to do everything, however, Acts of God, cannot be resolved.  Travel Insurance is highly recommended, as NO REFUNDS will be given.  All reservations, staff and schedules are planned in advanced and we will not be refunded in the event of weather preventing our activities.   Further, in the unlikely event we have to cancel this trip, there will be no postponements or make-up dates to replace the trip.  In this case, once the money is spent, it is spent.  NO REFUNDS.  PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE AND PURCHASE TRAVEL INSURANCE.  Everything is paid upfront and I will not receive a refund or a postponement date from my vendors.  It is highly recommended that you purchase your comfort level of travel insurance. With the uncertainty that comes with traveling and in some cases to and from foreign countries, it is best to be prepared in case of disruption for whatever reason. However, this is your own personal choice. Protecting your journey investment, property, flight investments and well-being is a smart decision and highly advised.  Thank you for your full cooperation and understanding of these terms.
  • Accommodations 
  • Meals
  • Transportation from your starting point to and from Mt. Shasta
  • Transportation through out the trip - we will be offering car shares to make this more convenient for everyone
  • Optional Crystal Bowl Healing Night and Pyramid Experience + Tips Associated.  Pay for these Services Upon Arrival
  • Tips for service staff inside/outside the hotel and housekeepers
  • WAIVER OF RESPONSIBILITY: Participants Voluntary Choice to Participate in this Journey: By submitting payment for this Mt. Shasta Journey in whatever form you choose, you are agreeing to the terms and information listed on this website, in any additional written emails and this waiver of responsibility. Cindy Eyler, her vendors and other facilitators involved have considered all aspects of this journey including all areas of travel, accommodations and activities. Cindy Eyler, her vendors and other facilitators involved will not be held liable for delays, theft, damage, injury, illness, loss or damage to persons or property or any other unforeseen circumstances that may occur during the course of the journey. We will not be held liable for any changes or delays in schedules, issues with any of our vehicles/transportation or any airline mishaps or missed connections. Further, we are not liable for: 1) additional expenses given necessary itinerary changes, fluctuation in exchange rates or any imposed taxes or fees; 2) any expenses due to illness, weather conditions, protests, war, terrorism, quarantine, or other interruptions or incidents; 3) and losses due to cancellations not subject to our terms and conditions. Any additional monies resulting from any of these listed or similar unforeseen incidents are the full responsibility of the participant and must be paid at the time. You also understand that upon your arrival in Mt. Shasta you will be required to sign in person a full release of liability as detailed in the "Mt. Shasta Journey Waiver," as a participant and is applicable through out the duration of the journey.


Mt. Shasta Journey 2013


Cindy Eyler Mt Shasta Spiritual Journey


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