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Egypt Itinerary

 Egypt ~ Takes Your Breath Away

Nile Flooding May 2012 005

September 2018 ~ 17 Day Journey

Hear what one of our past journeyers has to say:

I was on your 2008 Egypt trip, it literally transformed my life! The trip brought back mystical recollections of my past lives in ancient Egypt, my connection with goddess Sekmat, one time (during our morning meditation) inside a crystal chamber working alongside goddess Hathor as a healer.

I applause your work, I am thankful for that trip. It did not happen overnight, but I found myself in a wonderful space, fulfilling my life purpose here -- helping beings in transition -- working as a doula to welcome new beings from spirit, and as a volunteer in palliative care, to offer comfort to a being going back to spirit.

Life is now easy, miracles are happening everyday, just by being myself and sharing my truth, I inspired others to transform their lives -- it left me humbled, grateful and determined to stay the course.

Thank you Cindy, for your wonderful work!

Egypt Itinerary

Activities Depend on Availability & May Not Be Done in this Specific Order

This is a preliminary itinerary.  The final itinerary will be given only to participating journeyers.

Please Note:

As per the Web-terms on both the "Fee Schedule" and "Information on Traveling in Egypt", which by client willingly accepts upon submission of fee payment, states: We will do our best to stick to the itinerary as planned. Please be advised that sometimes during travel in Egypt things can change that are beyond our control and that we may need to adjust and change as necessary.  Further noting on Fee Schedule (twice): ALL SALES FINAL PLEASE! THIS IS INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL AND FEES ARE PAID UPFRONT.

If you have any questions please feel free to:

Email me (for faster response)

I am often living between various locations within the United States and my family home base in Egypt.


Day 1: Cairo / Overnight:

  • Arrival at the Cairo International airport, meet our representative at the passport area. Assist & transfer to Hotel. Check in.
  • Group Meeting: Introduction to Tour Leader, Guide, Paricipants and Journey

Included Meals: Dinner.

Included Transportation: from Cairo Airport to your Hotel - Providing 2 Pick Ups Only. Please plan to arrive for one of the designated pick up times or handle your personal transportation if you prefer to arrive at a different time.

Day 2: Cairo / overnight Cairo:


  • Early morning Access into the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid, Pyramid Panorama and Sphinx
  • Afternoon visit to the Egyptian Museum

Another day at the office! Pyramid time!!!!

Inside the Great Pyramid, Giza, Egypt P9220745 Egypt 09-09 Group Pyramid After Access

Included Meals:Breakfast, Dinner

Included Transfers: from your Hotel to Giza pyramids and the day tours

Included Entrance Fees: Great pyramid, Inside the Pyramid King's Chamber, Egyptian Museum


Day 3: Cairo / transfer to Aswan:

  • Visit Mohamed Ali Mosque made of Albaster at the Citidel
  • Visit Coptic Cairo ~ where Jesus and his family lived while in hiding and drink from the well Jesus discovered
  • Khan el Khalili Bazaar
  • Transfer from Cairo to Aswan
  • Arrive Aswan and check into hotel

Egypt Journey 09-08 123 Egypt Journey 09-08 169

Jesus Well Cindy in the room where Jesus and Mary Hid out when Jesus was a young boy

Included Meals:Breakfast, Dinner

Included Transfers: from your Hotel to Giza pyramids and the day tours, and to transfer point.

Included Entrance Fees: Mosque, Coptic Cairo

Included Transfer: Cairo to Aswan


Day 4: Aswan / Abu Simbel :

Egypt2010 314 FILE0267 Egypt2010 331


  • Early morning travel by private bus to Abu Simbel - Experience the Ancient Sun Festival and await the great moment the sun rises and shines through the temple entrance to the statue of King Ramses II.

Picture 356

  • Travel back to Aswan
  • Aswan International Sculpture Symposium

man symposium


Included Meals:Breakfast, Dinner

Included Transfers: from Abu Simbel to Aswan, and around Aswan

Included Entrance Fees: Abu Simbel


Day 5: Aswan / Overnight Aswan :

P9240856 Isis meditation Egypt Journey 09-08 334

    • Isis Temple, Island of Philae Goddess Isis of Magic and Healing
    • Visit Isis Temple on the Island of Philae. Enjoy the silence in the Temple of Goddess Isis and the magical Nile waters that surround her. Explore the island and enjoy the beauty and serenity.
    • Essential Oil / Aromatherapy Factory - The Ancient Egyptians were experts at healing and the fountain of youth. Learn how to create natural remedies for healing and heathly well-being with pure Egyptian oils
    • Feast your eyes at the Papyrus Factory where you can see how the ancients and even modern day Egyptians continue to express their culture through art.
    • Isis Sound and Light Show

Isis Temple Orbs, Aswan, Egypt Feb 2012 075 Isis Temple Light & Sound Show, Aswan, Egypt Feb 2012 022

Isis Temple Light & Sound Show, Aswan,Egypt Feb 2012 052

Essential Oil Factory Aswan, Egypt Feb 2012 019 Papyrus Factory, Aswan, Egypt Apr May 2012 158

Included Meals:Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Included Transfer:from your Hotel to all tours

Included Entrance Fees: Philea temple, sound & light show and tours.

Day 6: Aswan:

    • Explore the Ancient City on Elphantine Island c. 1480 BC

Elephantine Island 03-06-12 150

  • Felucca Ride on the Nile
  • Botanical Garden - Island in the middle of the Nile

Botanical Gardens Aswan 2 Felucca's on the Nile, Aswan, Egypt 2012 074 Botanical Gardens Aswan 3

Included Meals:Breakfast, Dinner

Included Transfer:from your Hotel to all tours

Included Entrance Fees: Felucca Ride, Botanical Gardens, Ancient City, Tours


Day 6: Aswan:

  • Check out of hotel
  • Check into Deluxe Nile Cruise
  • Shopping at the local Aswan Souk (marketplace)
  • Magical Boat ride down the Nile River, see the Cataracts, Sahara Desert, Camel Ride to Nubian Sand Village for tea and optional shopping/henna.

Nile cruising on TOP of the boat Egypt Apr May 2012 211 Egypt Apr May 2012 210Egypt 2012 003Egypt 2012 007

Included Meals:Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Included Transfer:from Cruise to tours

Included Entrance Fees: Nile Boat Ride, Nile Deluxe Cruise, Camel Ride, Nubian Village


Day 7: Aswan / Kom Ombo / Edfu:

  • Morning sailing and visit to Kom-Ombo Temples of Horus and Sokek
  • Sailing to Edfu and visit to the Horus Temple via Horse Carriage
  • Afternoon sailing along the Nile River. Enjoy the gorgeous sites of going back into time as you view the locals that live along the river, animal wildlife, farmlands, local boat vendors and more... all while you relax on the sundeck, take a dip in the pool, enjoy a drink or pamper yourself in the spa.

Alyssa Nile Cruise Ship alyssa pool Alyssa View

Myrnas Birthday - girls wanna have fun! Cruisin' the Nile

Included Meals:Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Included Transfers: Horse Carriage to Horus Temple

Included Entrance Fees: All Temples, Carriage Ride


Day 8: Luxor / Overnight Luxor:

  • Tour Luxor - West Bank: Valley of the Kings, El Deer El Bahari, Colossi of Memmon
  • Visit to the Alabaster Factory
  • Tour Luxor - East Bank: Luxor and Karnak Temples


P9260960 P9260970 FILE0282 Sekhmet Shrine, Karnak Temple, Luxor ramses luxor temple Egypt2010 513 Egypt2010 521

Included Meals:Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Included Transfers: Private Coach for Touring

Included Entrance Fees: All Temples


Day 9: Dandara & Abydos Temples / Overnight Luxor:


Dandara Temple 2 Dandara Temple 1 Egypt2010 649


Egypt 2012 390

  • Check out of Nile Cruise
  • Explore the sacred healing temple of Hathor's Dandara Temple - an experience you won't forget. Ancient wisdom, connection with the cosmos, ancient healing, vortex to the Universe and beyond, and more.


Egypt2010 682 Egypt2010 684 Conception Abydos



  • Abydos Temple: A true wonder. This power temple belongs to the God of the Underworld, Osirius, with temple room dedicated to other amazing gods/goddesses, i.e., Horus, Isis, Hathor, and more. Out in the remote desert, you will surely feel the energy of the ancients and sacredly high held gods/goddesses, especially of healing and the afterlife. Imagine.
  • Check into hotel in Luxor

Included Meals:Breakfast, Dinner

Included Transfers: from cruise to Dandara, Abydos and back to hotel in Luxor

 Included Entrance Fees: All Temples


Day 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 Hurghada (Red Sea):

Egypt 2012 486

Egypt 2012 519

red sea Now this was fun! Horseback on the Red Sea

  • Open to your manifestatin abilities, sharpen them and incorporating all that we have experienced on this adventure so far.
  • Free days in Hurghada enjoying relaxation and cleansing at the Red Sea.
  • Integration, relaxation and cleansing our body, mind and spirits at the Red Sea.
  • Optional lecture(s) and meditation(s): Lectures and discussions will give us more insight and realizations of our experiences.
  • Choose any optional extra activities you may want to participate in: massage, sunset horseback riding, snorkeling and other activities.

Included Meals:Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Included Transfers: from your hotel to/from hotel in Cairo

Included Transportation:  from Hurghada to Cairo



Day 15: Overnight Cairo:

  • Day of relaxation
  • Optional shopping tours: Carpet Factory and Silver/Gold Jewelry


Included Meals:Breakfast, Dinner

Included Transfers: Shopping tour

Included Transportation: Private coach for shopping


Day 16: End of Journey Departures:

Transfer to Cairo airport to catch your flight back home.

Included Meals:Breakfast

Included Transfers: from hotel to Cairo airport.


End of Journey

Egypt Journey Details:


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