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Information for Traveling in Egypt



Dates of Journey: September 2018 ~ 17 Day Journey


Please Note:

As per the Web-terms on both the "Fee Schedule" and "Information on Traveling in Egypt", which by client willingly accepts upon submission of fee payment, states: We will do our best to stick to the itinerary as planned. Please be advised that sometimes during travel in Egypt things can change that are beyond our control and that we may need to adjust and change as necessary. In this case, the necessary change is a postponement. Further noting on Fee Schedule (twice): ALL SALES FINAL PLEASE! THIS IS INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL AND FEES ARE PAID UPFRONT.

If you have any questions please feel free to:

Email me (for faster response)

I am often living between various locations within the United States and my family home base in Egypt.


adventure of your story


Hello Amazing Egypt Journeyers!!

Here are notes and miscellaneous information for our upcoming trip to Egypt!

Here are important things I need from all of you:

  • Passports: Please make sure that you have a valid passport!! You cannot travel without it. Your passport has to be valid for 6 months PAST your ARRIVAL date into Egypt. Please check your passport right away to make sure that the dates are fine for this trip.

 - I will need you to email me a copy of your passport to have on hand. If you could get a scanned copy and email it to me ASAP, I would appreciate it.

  • Flight Itineraries: I also need you to email me your flight itineraries. Travel Insurance is mandatory unless you have other insurance that is sufficient in case of any travel or illness emergencies.

Fee Payment Schedule and Detail Links:  can be found on the top of Side Bar to the Right of this page.

Please also note :  TIP INFO below in BOLD that will be collected first and last day of our journey.


Tips and Info on Traveling in Egypt

Vaccinations: Vaccinations for Egypt travel are not mandatory. However, some people do prefer to take extra precautions. On our last trip most people did not get the vaccinations -- however, this has to be a personal decision for you. You may want to read the link below for information and discuss this with your doctor. Please make the best decision for you:  Vaccination Information

Visas: You can get your visa ahead of time at your local Egyptian Consulate office, or get one when we arrive at the Cairo Airport. Both US and Canadian citizens are authorized to purchase the visa in Cairo. In the past few years some of us got them at out local consulates, while the others got them when we arrived at Cairo. In my opinion of what I observed in the last few years, it was a much easier and faster process to just do it when arriving in Cairo. You will fill out a small form, go to the "bank" window and purchase your Visa sticker. Put it in your book and proceed to check out. Again, please make the choice that is best for you. Either way is fine. If you plan on getting your visa in Cairo, make sure you have $15 US Dollars to purchase it. That is the cost now, so if the rate raises, which I doubt it will - whatever it is make sure you have some US Dollars to purchase it. You can find your local Egyptian Consulate by doing a google search for "Egyptian Consulate (and enter your city or state)."

PASSPORT IS MANDATORY:  they will ask for it all the time. Make sure you passport is good for 6 months after your return date or it will not be accepted on the trip.


Itinerary Notes - VERY IMPORTANT!

I have been working closely with our guide in the last month to really go over our itinerary and do our best to make it flow the best we can. For those of you who are coming on this trip for the first time, we are busy every day, as we have a LOT of activities to cover on this trip. Most people who lead trips in Egypt only do about 1/2 of what we are doing, so our trip is full - yet, such an amazing experience!

You may want to go through the itinerary and look up the different places we are touring on the Internet so you are more familiar with the sites we will be seeing. It will definitely help you to have a much more enriching and interesting experience! However, we will be discussing the places we go and will focus on the spiritual energy and aspects through out our journey.

Please, please, please, keep in mind that we will follow this Itinerary the closest we can, and that I will be incorporating some group activities as we go along, i.e., meditations, channeling, sound healing, etc. I would love to give you exact time periods that we will do these things, however, on trips like this I work with my "guidance" to create the best possible experience. As you will notice in the itinerary there aren't a lot of "specific" times. We will have a private tour guide 24/7, and I will be working closely with him to ensure we all get to where we have to be at any given time. In addition, please know that a large part of any transformational journey is "down time," meaning, you will have time to just "be." This means you choose what is best for you during down time, whether it is quiet time, relaxing by the pool, journaling, napping, eating, chatting with friends, or?? The down time is just as important as the up time 🙂 It all helps with processing what you have been learning, experiencing, and time for rejuvenating after being in the heat.

If you are feeling tired, unwell or grumpy, please nurture yourself and do what you need to do to have some downtime and rejuvenate. We all be will moving through major energy waves and shifts, and no doubt this will have an affect on our moods from time to time. We will have our releases and many times feel tired, as we are on the go for many days in a row. We really appreciate everyone being mindful of their moods, and be aware if you need some space to chill out, regroup and replenish your energies and then come back to the group. We would like to conscious, mindful and focused on keeping the group energy as synergistic and high as possible. That means, if you are not feeling at this energy level to detract from the group and take some down time to feel yourself through your process and come back to the group when you are ready to join back in the high vibe. That being said, there may not always be that availability to just take a break, because of our tour schedule, but if you feel like you need to miss something and stay back at the hotel/ship (if possible) please do. We want this trip to be the most pleasant experience for you and those that are traveling with you, so please assist us in looking after your individual needs and talk to us if there is something you need help with. We are all going to be doing some incredible healing and ascending, so no doubt we will feel some turbulence here or there... but, it is all good! We just have to be aware and take time to go within during those time periods.

Additionally, in regards to the itinerary -- please keep in mind: Although we plan and have an itinerary, modes of transportation, schedules, etc., please know that sometimes there will be changes that are unavoidable. When these things happen we will work to resolve the issue in the best way possible. You must be open to going with the flow, and trust that there is always a higher reason for things happening. It will create a much better experience if you are flexible and go with the flow that is given our group. Whatever is out of our hands is out of our hands, but just know we always have solutions so all is well.


Preparing for Your Journey

Phone Dialing from US to Egypt and Egypt to US


Airport Arrivals

You will be personally picked up from the airport by me and/or our guide. Depending on what airline you come in on, you may need to get your luggage and meet me in front. I will be waiting for you and take you to the hotel.

Arriving into Cairo and Obtaining Tourist Visa:  Obtain your tourist visa. You will need to fill out 2 small slips that are usually available when you deplane and walk into the airport. If you don't see them, just ask someone that works there. Then look for the "Bank" window. Sometimes it isn't that noticeable, but look for a window with someone sitting inside and that is the person you need to get the visa from. If you have a hard time finding it, just ask someone... or look to see where other people are lining up. Do not proceed to the check out line where you will see them stamping papers and visas until you have your visa. Apply the Visa sticker into your passport and proceed to check out. After they stamp your passport, make sure they also include on of the small papers you filled out in your book. If it isn't there ask for it. Usually this isn't a problem, but last time they forgot to give me mine and I didn't realize it till later. It is a hassle, because we will have to visit a Visa office to get one, as it is illegal to travel without it. Upon arrival to the hotel, he will check you in and give you the key to your room.

Additional Miscellaneous Useful Information

  • Hydration and Body Care
  • Drink ONLY bottled water! Please, please, please, if you remember nothing else, remember to drink as much water as possible through out this trip. I can't stress how important this is. It is really important for everyone to be very mindful of what they are putting into their bodies to ensure your body feels healthy through out the trip. Watch what you are eating, and make sure caring for your body is your first priority. Continue to take your regular vitamins and supplements to keep your body balanced. This can be the difference between you having a great time because you feel good, or a not so great time because you feel bad.
  • Do NOT use ICE.


1 Luggage Per Person + 1 Back Pack for daily use. Please check ahead for weight requirements, and remember we will be lugging this luggage around with us 🙂 If you need tips on how much clothes to bring, ask and I'll help you.


The culture in Egypt as far as clothing is concerned is much more conservative than what most of us are used to, and it is even more conservative during Ramadan.

In Cairo, it is a good idea to be conservative with your clothes. You can wear whatever you wish to wear, however, as no one will say anything. It is more a matter of respect. Long shorts and t-shirts are ok. Capri's and 3/4 length shirt arms great. You should be ok as long as your shirt sleeves that go longer than your elbows, and pants longer then your knees. To be honest, you will stay cooler that way anyway being out in the heat. However, when we got there our guide said we could wear whatever we want. We did see people with tank tops and shorts on. So I will leave it to your personal preference, however, it is polite to be respectful - which I am not really worried about with this group. Just had to say it. Remember, it is hot there, so wear clothes that are suited for hot. I enjoyed wearing long and short sleeved light weight cotton shirts/pants and also, I bought a pair of pants and a few tops that are made for hiking that are made to pull the moisture away from your skin. You can find those at Any Mountain Stores or online at SierraTradingPost.

I would however recommend you cover up more while in Cairo, and especially when we go to visit the churches and mosques. If you don’t cover up, they will put a cape on you to cover you. It is disrespectful to them to not cover up when in their place of worship.

No scarves are needed for your heads, but if you wish to bring one in case you wish to wear one that is fine, but not required.

At the resorts, on the cruise, in Aswan, Luxor, Abu Simbel, the Desert and the Red Sea, it is fine to wear whatever you want, shorts, tank tops, swimsuits, etc. No need to bring dressy clothes to wear on the cruise, you don't have to dress up like you do on regular cruises.

Skirts are not recommended on some days of touring since there may be a camel ride, and other times we may need to be on our knees in confined spaces. Another good reason to wear longer pants. I will let you know the day prior what to where for the next day.

Hat - please bring a good hat that will give you lots of shade coverage to help you deal with the heat. You may even want to bring an umbrella/parasal (sp?) to shade you.

***** Galabaya Night!!! ***** On the cruise ship one night they will have a Galabaya Night, which is when the passengers dress up in Egyptian attire for a cruise party. In past years people have bought some inexpensive galabayas in Egypt to wear... you can get them at the bazaar in Cairo and they usually have them on the ship or on the cruise ship. You can bring something from home if you want to as well.



  •  Please decide what shoes you will be wearing for our daily excursions. I recommend comfortable, yet sturdy, closed toed shoes such as a good pair of sneakers with good foot support. You will be thankful to have a good, comfortable pair of shoes to use. Keep in mind the temperatures will be hot, so pick shoes that are of natural fiber that can air out easily when wearing them. I personally used my New Balance Running shoes last year, as they are vented, cloth and very light weight, along with lots of support. I also like to wear flip flops and comfortable sandals some days where we aren’t having to do too much walking. Also, a lot of times I choose to wear Tevas as they are shoes but sandals that offer good support.
  • Use the shoes you decide to wear on the trip, and go on daily walks if possible. If you can't go every day, do your best to go as often as you can each week. Committing to a schedule would be most useful, that way it is already scheduled in and you will make sure to do your walks. This will help immensely for this trip!! You will be really glad you did a lot of walking prior to taking this trip, because it will condition your feet, legs and body so when we on our trip you will spend more time enjoying and ready for the next excursion!
  • Some of you have asked if sandals and open back and/or toe shoes, or slip ons would be ok. I totally leave this choice up to you, as I know that you know your comfort levels with shoes. What is important is that the shoes are comfortable for walking, are breathable, and also offer you support.

The terrain we will be walking on are:

    • sidewalks
    • dirt roads
    • dirt roads with rocks
    • paved roads
    • paved roads with cracks or uneven pavement
    • stairs
    • Pyramids: on the outside are large blocks. In the great pyramid, you will walk on the same wooden slats going up to get into the kings chamber and then coming down the same way. I recommend sneakers this day, plus we will be going all over Cairo that day and heading to the train station that night - good walking shoes a must for this day.
    • Mount Sinai: (not applicable on this trip) We will go part way on camel, and then the final ascent will be walking up stairs that monk carved into the mountain. You only have to do what you feel comfortable doing. Everyone is at different fitness levels and it is perfectly fine to do or not do at any given place. Everyone that attempted Mt. Sinai made it to the top 🙂 It was fine. Mt. Sinai will be COLD! Dress in layers and warmly!!
    • Red Sea/Sharm/Hurghada/Marsa Alam: We will be at resorts and so it will hotel style with beach (sand) if you choose to sit by the sea. (note we are going to Hurghada.)



  • Vegetarians:  There was always something vegetarian to eat... mostly, pasta, veges, breads, cheeses - stuff like that. (Train not applicable. we are not taking the train on this trip) The biggest problem I ran into was on the train that one night, because they didn't serve vegetarian meals. If you are vegetarian, you will probably want to purchase a sandwich or something on the way to the train stations since you will not want to eat the food offered on the train. They don't offer vegetarian dishes.
  • Meat Eaters:  Others that eat meat there were also lots of choices.
  • The meals that are provided are buffet style, so you can pick and choose what you enjoy eating most.
  • ALWAYS ALWAYS, DRINK BOTTLED WATER ONLY!! Do not drink ice or you WILL get the runs -- guaranteed!!
  • Steer clear from uncooked foods, unless it is a fruit or vege that you can peel or stick to the fruit in the hotels/ship.

I always suggest when you visit ANYWHERE... to stay with light foods and keep it simple! If you are on the Nile Cruise or at a buffet - love the food and over-eat you are obviously going to feel sick. Eat until you are full and then stop... it will help you enjoy your trip with no stomach problems. And, drink as much water as possible, along with staying consistent with your vitamins and supplements. This will help a lot.

Most trips we don't have any problems with people getting sick. The only time I've seen any major stomach issues is when people used ice. A few times people might have gotten the runs, but used meds and it cleared up over night. You may want to have some tums or anti-acid and some type of diarrhea med - they took one and they were fine the rest of the time.

Practice drinking a lot of water and remembering to take your vitamins and supplements.

  • Ramadan (this does not apply to our trip)

Just as last year, we will be in Egypt is during Ramadan - their sacred month. During this month the Muslims do not eat or drink during the daylight hours, however, everything is open and running like normal. We can eat and drink; it was just recommended that we do not do this on the streets (which I wouldn't anyway). Restaurants and resorts are fine. Ramadan will be ending when we get there, but they will continue to observe for extra days--- probably not the not eating/drinking part though!


Recommended Items to Bring

All of the below suggestions are HIGHLY recommended!

  • Backpack - highly recommended so you can carry water (at all times), and other things you wish to have while out touring. A "hands free" backpack so you can feel less restricted in carrying it. Believe me, if you think you are going to carry a bag on your shoulder it is a real hassle and very uncomfortable.... please bring a backpack.
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat - large brim recommended
  • Camera
  • Flashlight (small)
  • Journal or notebook - even if you don't think you journal, this is an experience of a lifetime, and a great time to journal daily about your experiences and insights. We will also use them sometimes in our group activities. In addition, please bring TAPE as you will be using the tape to put the ticket stubs from each place in your journal as part of the daily journaling activities.
  • Swimsuit
  • Light Clothing - remember, in heat like this light cotton long sleeves/pants will keep you more cool than shorts/tanks.
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Anti-acid - such as: Pepto Bismal, Tums, Alka-seltzer.. you get the idea...
  • Any drugs you may need to use such as over the counter or prescriptions.
  • Feminine products for that time of the month.
  • Hand Wipes
  • Traveling toilet paper - I usually take a roll from the hotel, believe me, sometimes you won’t find it when you need it most, or they only give you a couple squares for use.
  • Electrolytes - just a suggestion - you can buy pill form or the powdered form to put in your water to keep your body more hydrated.
  • Bug spray - don’t really run into bugs, but if you want it, bring it.
  • Colored pencils or something like that in case you are inspired to draw something. I keep seeing "symbols," and have a feeling we are going to be given some amazing "information." Symbols care vibration and wisdom.... 🙂 Also, we will be doing the daily oracle cards so having colored pencils, crayons, or whatever will be helpful for that as well.
  • Small thin blanket (like an airline blanket) to take around to sit on.... many times we will sit on the floor for meditations, etc.


Pens (Optional note)

For some reason, pens are a big deal in Egypt. Many times if you let someone borrow your pen they might ask if they can keep it. The kids and adults love pens. If you feel guided to buy a bunch of cheap pens to hand out, please do. They really love them. This is completely optional though!! I heard about it last year, but didn't bring any. When I got there, after giving a few pens away I wished that I had brought some to give out.



Money - Egyptian Pounds, Credit Cards, Travelers Checks

We recommend you exchange your money in Egypt.  You can get much better rates, and it is easy to do.

The exchange right now is:

$1.00 USD = 7.15 EGP - but can fluctuate. Check for Current Conversion for Egyptian Pounds

They have many convenient money exchange places and ATMs at the hotels, and credit cards are taken most places. Please remember to call your credit card company to let them know you will be traveling to Egypt.

Travelers Checks - NOT RECOMMENDED!!! They are very difficult to use and cash.

 NO COINS! Coins are not accepted in Egypt. In fact, the locals will sometimes ask you to exchange dollars for their coins, because they can not use it there. Please do not give anyone coins in Egypt.

Buy Your Egyptian Pounds in Egypt! You'll get a better deal and it is easy to do so. When buying pounds ALWAYS ask to get smallest denominations possible. It was never difficult to buy pounds in Egypt, but the problem we continually ran into was, no one wanted to break larger bills and we were forced to give much higher tips, because we didn't have change. If you don't want to pay more than you have to, please buy smaller currency here. UPDATE: We can usually find a bank to break our pounds, so it shouldn't be a problem. Getting pounds in Egypt is fine if you choose to do so. They DO accept USD in Egypt, and it is a good idea to bring a lot of $1's for misc tips in case you need them. I do not recommend always purchasing things in USD's though, because you will end up spending more money that way.



Outside Tips (not included in the journey fee):

I will be collecting from each of you the first day that will be used for OUTSIDE Tips through out the trip to tip the outside transportation such as boat rides, carriage rides, desert trek guides and drivers, camel guides, temple guides, bus drivers, bell boys that take our luggage from our bus to the hotel (NOT the bell boys that deliver to your room), temple keepers, entrances to locked/forbidden areas or outside tipping expenses that have to do with our group travel OUTSIDE our hotels. It works very well to handle it this way, and believe me, as much as I had to continually tip everyone, you don't want to have to hassle it with every trip/stop we make. So all your luggage will be taken to and from the coach and cruise by bellboys and we will handle the tipping necessary. The amount per person to give me in an envelope with your name on it is $160 USD.. - Please put in your envelope either small denominations of USD or Pounds with the amount written on the front of your envelope with your name on it. I will ask for it at the meeting on our first day in Cairo.


Inside Tips (not included in the journey fee OR the Outside Tip fund)

The TIPS that ARE NOT - INSIDE Tips included will be:

- any luggage handling you choose to use from the front desk to your room or room to front desk. You can do this on your own if you want, but if you let someone do it for you, please give them a small tip.

- food servers - if you see on the bill "service charge" this does not go to the server, it go to the "house." Housekeepers (in room cleaning) - please remember to leave them something.

- Nile Cruise staff - we ask that you give $5/day per person (or $20 for the trip per person). This means you will not have to tip the servers if you don't want to. Our table gave our server something extra the last day, because he was great - but not necessary, as it is covered in the staff tip. We will collect the staff tips at the end of the cruise and give it to the cruise manager the day of departure.

- Our Guide's tip - he is awesome, and I know you will all enjoy him. He really makes the trip extra special, and goes above and beyond in making sure we are all comfortable and happy. In the past we gladly gave him $10/per person per day. Most people give more, but that is up to you. It is ultimately up to you what you feel guided to give, but this is a fair baseline amount for the services through out the trip. At the end of the trip, I ask you to put whatever tip you wish to give him in a sealed envelope with your name on it so he knows who graciously gave him the tip. We will give the envelopes to him at our last meeting together in Cairo.

- A few times we had to pay to use the public toilet... a small amount, but something you need to know, especially if you have to go bad!! You may also want to bring some toilet paper with you and hand sanitizer.

Lastly, please know that we will be taking "off time" when we can, as this off time will allow us to relax and rejuvenate -- and if you feel up to it, visit with others for some kicked-back social time. The off time is just as important as the other time, as it will help us to face the next excursion(s) on our trips.

Ok, that about does it! Any questions, please feel free to Contact and Ask!!


Egypt Journey Details:


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