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Bimini, Bahamas

Atlantean Healing & Passion Activation Retreat


dolphin sacred journey


A Unique Sacred Light Activation Journey

May 17 - 21, 2018

5-Days Atlantean Healing Experience


  • Feeling called to a unique, profound and sacred healing retreat?
  • Want to stimulate new senses and experience soul-stirring transformation?
  • Receptive to feel purified with crystalline Atlantean healing energy?
  • Ready to release fears and open to a life of more peace and freedom?
  • Emotionally and mentally able to  -positively participate- with a

-special group high energy Spiritual Adventurers? 


If you have answered, "Yes" to the 5 questions above,


This Calling is for YOU!




spiritual journey with cindy eyler


transformational journey


Fascinating, Miraculous, Stunning, Extra-ordinary

and Breathtaking...

Come Stimulate ALL Your Delicious SENSES!


bimini water healing Atlantean Purification & Ascension Healing


Calling Spiritual Ascension Adventurers!

Is this YOUR Calling?






Put on your Ascension Seat Belts...

This experiential retreat is going to Rock Your World!


Activities include, but are not limited to:

Tapping into the Energy of the Atlantean Crystal Vortex:   Memories of your lifetime in Atlantis are bound to surface feeling into the vast Atlantian power crystal, which is buried deep inside the ocean is intense.  A strong moving vibrations as you tap in will move through you, reawakening you to your connection with Atlantis.  Prepare to be immersed in high frequencies and downloads of sacred geometry light codes for personal growth, knowledge and wisdom.

Possible Optional  trip out into the Bermuda Triangle area to experience this up close and personal!


Bimini Sacred Journey

                                                                                                                                                        Photos:  The Stargate of Atlantis 

Wild Dolphin Swims / Snorkeling Excursions (optional):  By boat will have excursions to connect with the dolphins.  Cruising between 1/2 and 1 hour we arrive at "the dolphin grounds".  Keeping a lookout for Atlantic spotted and/or bottlenose dolphins, hopefully, we successful find the dolphins.  Many times dolphins find us!  They are completely wild.  The dolphins tell us if they are willing to swim with us.  If so, what happens next, you have to experience to believe.  Each encounter is different. Some longer, some shorter. Some tranquil, some energetic. Always memorable.  Swimming with the dolphins is highly enlightening, will open your heart and fill you with joy, beyond joy.



Atlantean Road - Bimini Road*:  Under the crystalline waters, we will visit where Edgar Cayce predicted a discovery of stones associated with Atlantean builders before 10,000 BC.  Viewing these large flat boulders which are 15 - 25 feet below the surface of the water, you draw your own conclusions to this puzzle.  While also enjoying the sights of beautiful fish. *Because this is a Scuba tour, this is an Optional Side Trip that you can partake in on your own.

However --- where we stay there are stones in the ocean that are believed to be part of Atlantis as well, and we do some amazing work in this energy.



                                                                                                 Photo:   The Atlantis Connection?


Natural Healing Pool:  Another Edgar Cayce prediction/vision of therapeutic curative waters he imagined in temples.  This has been the only site discovered as such, that contains lithium, sulfur and alpha radiation.  Known as the 'healing hole' locals this natural well water flows into a pool among the mangroves.



Fountain of Youth:  Queen Isabelle of Spain heard about theses waters and in the 16th century she sent Ponce De Leon to get some and bring it to her.  Now is your time to purify, regenerate and rejuvenate in this fountain of youth.   The "lighter" you are the "higher" you vibrate!


sacred journey


Light Activation Atlantean Ceremonies:  Performed daily to enhance to enhance personal and infinite transformation.  If you have never experienced our ceremonies you are in for a treat!

Light Activation Healing:  Performed constantly in group gatherings and activities as the purest container of high frequencies possible.

Connecting to Atlantis Past, Present & Future:  Explore  your personal connection with Atlantis and expand with healings, wisdom & insight.

 Bimini healing retreat

Sacred Healing Ceremony



  • Light Activation Healing Journey Leaders
  • Sacred Ceremonies
  • Personal & Group Healings
  • Healings & Meditations
  • Group Experiential Exercises
  • Unique Daily Activities



  • Travel Insurance - Recommended:  Due to the nature of this retreat being out in the ocean each day, especially with the distance involved to the vortex...  the trip is highly weather dependent.  Of course we plan to be able to do everything, however, Acts of God, cannot be resolved.  Travel Insurance is highly recommended, as NO REFUNDS will be given.  All reservations, staff and schedules are planned in advanced and we will not be refunded in the event of weather preventing our activities.   Further, in the unlikely event we have to cancel this trip, there will be no postponements or make-up dates to replace the trip.  In this case, once the money is spent, it is spent.  NO REFUNDS.  PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE AND PURCHASE TRAVEL INSURANCE.  Everything is paid upfront and I will not receive a refund or a postponement date from my vendors.  It is highly recommended that you purchase your comfort level of travel insurance. With the uncertainty that comes with traveling to foreign countries, it is best to be prepared in case of disruption for whatever reason. However, this is your own personal choice. Protecting your journey investment, property, flight investments and well-being is a smart decision and highly advised.  Thank you for your full cooperation and understanding of these terms.
  • Accommodations 
  • Meals
  • Transportation from your starting point to and from Bimini
  • Transportation upon arrival, around the island and to and from hotel
  • Optional Scuba/Boat & Dolphin Snorkeling Tours. Pay for these Services Upon Arrival
  • Tips for our boat guides 
  • Tips for service staff inside/outside the hotel and housekeepers
  • WAIVER OF RESPONSIBILITY: Participants Voluntary Choice to Participate in this Journey: By submitting payment for this Bimini Journey in whatever form you choose, you are agreeing to the terms and information listed on this website, in any additional written emails and this waiver of responsibility. Cindy Eyler, her vendors and other facilitators involved have considered all aspects of this journey including all areas of travel, accommodations and activities. Cindy Eyler, her vendors and other facilitators involved will not be held liable for delays, theft, damage, injury, illness, loss or damage to persons or property or any other unforeseen circumstances that may occur during the course of the journey. We will not be held liable for any changes or delays in schedules, issues with any of our vehicles/transportation or any airline mishaps or missed connections. Further, we are not liable for: 1) additional expenses given necessary itinerary changes, fluctuation in exchange rates or any imposed taxes or fees; 2) any expenses due to illness, weather conditions, protests, war, terrorism, quarantine, or other interruptions or incidents; 3) and losses due to cancellations not subject to our terms and conditions. Any additional monies resulting from any of these listed or similar unforeseen incidents are the full responsibility of the participant and must be paid at the time. You also understand that upon your arrival in Hawaii you will be required to sign in person a full release of liability as detailed in the "Bimini Journey Waiver," as a participant and is applicable through out the duration of the journey.


Getting to Bimini:

NOTE:   DO NOT ARRANGE FLIGHTS until you have discussed your participation in this retreat with us! 

There are details you must be aware of prior to booking!  

Booking ahead may incur additional unnecessary costs to you!

Bimini is approximately 50 miles off the coast of Miami and Ft Lauderdale.  You can fly to either airport as there is a shuttle between the two international airports, but you want to fly from Ft. Lauderdale to Bimini

There are a few options:

  • Flights leave out of Ft Lauderdale at usually around 9.30 am and 3:30 pm.  Please check airlines for current scheduled times available.  The flight is normally around $280 per person, however, please check at time of booking for fuel surcharges, etc. United Airlines, Pioneer Air Charter by the Seat and  Silver Airways (subscribe to their newsletter for periodic special discounts) all have daily flights from Ft Lauderdale to Bimini.  If you are flying Silver Airways, the Hilton Resort provides free transportation to and from the airport.
  • Note:  In the past there was a ferry service, but that has been cancelled.  They might be re-instated, so stay tuned for updates.



Hotel & Flight details will be provided upon your sign up for the trip.  

Contact us before arranging flights or accommodations for details and considerations.



Dates of Retreat:  May 17 - 21,  2018* ~ 5-day Retreat

*  Arrive:  May 16th  Depart: May 22nd  *

Location:  Bimini Island, Bahamas


Personal Growth Investment for Bimini Retreat:

Early Bird Rate Paid by:  February 15, 2018 - ONLY $1222

Let's Do This Rate by: March 15, 2018 - ONLY $1444

Ready to Rock This Rate by:  March 16, 2018 or after: $1555



Thank you for your understanding.


SPACE IS VERY LIMITED - We will keep the group size small for a more personalized experience.



SIGN UP TODAY to ensure your space is saved!


Watch the Bimini #LoveTribe Journey 2017:


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Please Contact Me with Any Questions and to Notify Me of your Payment Submission so I can Confirm Receipt.



Thank you for your understanding.

Payment Options - No Refunds


Thank you for your understanding.


Join us for the beauty, wonder and joy
as we shift our lives beyond!

transformational spiritual journey


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