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Extraordinary Travel Experiences


It doesn’t matter if you have all the

money in the world,

a job, a free spirit,

driven with passion or looking for passion…

if you don’t know what to do

it’s a sign you are at a split in the road.


 It's time for a road less traveled to get

Clarity, Insight and Direction


Even if you aren't sure about life right now,


you're entering the

next best phase of your life.

~ The phase you choose for you ~

Specialty Travel with Exotic Flare!




formerly known as:


Your next decision:  which trip calls you?


Explore Your Options 2018:

Egypt        Hawaii       Bimini, Bahamas       Peru     Mt. Shasta


Specialty Spiritual Journeys with Cindy Eyler


"Your Outer Explorations ~ Expand Your Inner Experiences"


Offering amazing Adventures, Transformational Journeys and

Retreats that are the ultimate in deeper self-discovery.


Getting away from your day-to-day life and experiencing unique destinations can be the deepest self-discovery you may experience.

When you have the ability to completely delve into an experience for 3 or more days, the transformation is beyond words.

Specialty journeys with Cindy Eyler are new life adventures that feed your thirsty spirit!  Immerse in the lavish wonder in exotic locations!


You deserve to treat yourself!

  • Are you ready to explore new places with a group of easy going and fun people?
  • Is it time to gain more insight into what feeds your spirit to create a more fulfilling life?
  • Isn't it nice to understand your purpose and how to live your passion with know how and clarity?
  • Feeling the antsy itch?  Do you feel like your life needs a change, but not sure how?
  • Would gaining a exciting zest for life bring fascination and wonder to your days?
  • How about taking your life to a whole new level of freedom, peace, happiness and love?
  • Are you ready to know what it feels like to have the power to embrace and live your dreams?


If you said, "Yes!" to any of these questions, then you are ready to say, "YES!" to life!


Your Life is Your Adventure... and it is Waiting for YOU!

Are You Ready to Live Your Adventure?

YES! I Am IN, Cindy!


Outer Journeys ~ Inner Discovery


Be a Part of an Amazing Journey!  


Experience a journey of a lifetime!  


As a #SpiritualAdventurer, Cindy guides you on life-enhancing journeys whether we are exploring ancient pyramids, hiking the primitive Amazon jungle or soaring with the condors in the Peruvian Andes. Start seeing your life from angles you never knew existed. In this safe container you open to new possibilities. With Cindy’s keen intuition to assist and guide, you begin doing the inner work to shape-shift and align your life. Gaining important self-discovery and eye-opening clarity helps you to a state of realization that you can make changes that will not only offer you much needed relief and answers you haven’t been able to attain yourself, but also affects those connected to you in a positive way.

With these extraordinary travels you'll feel enlivened, energized and excited about
your life now and into your future!

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