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"When I first read about the trip to Egypt I was intrigued by what was offered, and I can say that without a doubt what was offered was delivered in every aspect of the journey. Our seasoned guides, Cindy and Mohamed, love what they do, and planned perfectly. In the advertising were the two little words "and more", and that is the absolute truth. The trip opened up whole worlds for me; I am not the same person. This trip expanded all my levels of consciousness, and endowed me with abilities I never thought would be possible to obtain. Accommodations were excellent, and I had the most fun with some of the nicest people I have ever met. Go alone or with someone, but how ever you do it, when your trip is over you will definitely be thinking of your next trip to Egypt. Beautiful, compelling, and deeply moving."
- Cynthia G., Oakland, CA
"For those even considering joining the Egypt tour, I say: don't hesitate. This journey will change your life. Aside from seeing the most phenomenal monuments in the world, you will experience a life changing spiritual sojourn. As a holistic healer and metaphysical practitioner, I have enjoyed an increase in my vibration and a better ability to "read" my clients. Cindy is an experienced and knowledgeable group leader; I really enjoyed her sense of fun and adventure. Our guide, Mohamed, was wonderful. I will take this trip again!"
- Patti Vargas, Holistic Healing Practitioner, California
"Egypt had to be the most incredible, mystical and magical trips of my life! Your group, none of which I knew were amazing. As we journeyed together I felt such a bond between everyone, and we had so much fun! I remain in close contact with several of the people I met on the trip. On a personal level, I realized that I had been there before ~ a home from my past. My reconnection with the land, the powerful goddesses and my initiation into the Egyptian sisterhood has opened me up to a whole new world. I have changed in how I look at life now, knowing that I am no longer alone in my quest for joy. Thanks for a great trip!"
- Alexis R., Canada
"Imagining what Egypt will be for you, will far surpass your Mind's Eye. Cindy takes you to that level with her spiritual guidance, and Mohamed allows you to focus on this guidance with his caring manner and expert knowledge. You will lose yourself and comeback far from who you were when you left. For what you experience, there is no way to better use your money for your life's journey."
- Craig S., Los Gatos, Calif
"The trip to Egypt with Cindy Eyler was an incredible experience! The energy was transforming and many changes have occurred in my life since the trip. The meditation in the King's Chamber allowed be to release a lot of buried emotions that I was holding in my body and space. The energy in the Isis Temple reminded me of my healing abilities. The trip up to the top of Mt. Sinai showed me that I am more powerful and stronger than I thought; that I can overcome obstacles to achieve my goals. The energy in Egypt activated my creative abilities and opened up my heart to receive. The time at the resort on the Red Sea honored my inner child and broadened my horizons as to how much fun is possible. I am so grateful for the opportunity and for the experiences."
- Deborah W., California
"I have worked with Cindy for over 2 years and her accuracy still amazes me. For the last few months she kept telling me not to stress about money, that I would get a raise, and that it would come in April. Well, here it is April 8th and I got word from my boss that I got a promotion and a very generous raise. This is only one example of how Cindy's readings have been dead-on for me. I have purchased sessions with her for family and friends when I knew that they needed direction and encouragement. She is a wonderfully warm, caring, and gifted person and I highly recommend her services."
- KF, California
"Cindy, The reason for this message is to thank you. In 2004 I began my journey with God and the Law of Attraction - and have been blessed with a wonderful transformation in my life. I wrote a book about it, "Rising From The Ashes Surrendering to God." As I work, I listen to your YouTube videos regarding God, Law of Attraction, Manifesting etc. I still feel I need work on manifesting some things in my life therefore, I listen to YouTube videos. A week ago, I came upon your videos again, and I want to tell you how much I appreciate these. You are REAL, you tell it like it is. I think you are making a difference in many peoples lives, I know you have with mine. A big THANK YOU!!"
- Analiese Roberts, Scottsdale, AZ
I wanted to let you know what a great time I had at the Mediumship Practitioner Course at the Haunted Hotel - Belleview Biltmore Resort in Florida. What a great way to experience true mediumship! I was impressed with the results and learning achieved in such a short training session! Additionally, I have discovered hidden skills and talents! The networking was also of great benefit--not to mention what an inspiring group you (or somebody through you) put together! Every aspect of the trip was awesome and beyond any expectations I may have had! Even if I was afraid to sleep! Thank you so much--you and Homer did an outstanding job! I am also grateful to you for pushing me beyond my comfort zone. The love you have for others and the hotel was quite evident. I truly appreciate your sharing your gift with us. You encourage me to do more--when I think of how you and your skills and talents have helped me, I think of who might be helped through the use of my own. When it comes to using my gifts, I was always poised to say, "I can't do that", that ceased to exist at your workshop--thank you. Something else I noticed was that, even though no one was sleeping, we all seemed to look more and more radiant as time went by! I have also felt a connection to the hotel, and know that it, and all of it's guests, seen and unseen, are grateful to us for being there.
- Valida H., Oakland, CA
Thank you again for the opportunity to take your Mediumship Course in Clearwater, Florida at the haunted hotel. You are a brilliant teacher. I learned lots about the missing pieces to move forward in mediumship. I am true healer so now I know how to work with that gift in mediumship. You took it step further. Universe brings people into your life for the next step into your journey. The mediation we did in connecting with the hotel, lifting it's burdens and how it related to lifting my own burdens in my belief system has been interesting. I do not think I have not done so much crying in my life. It has brought up emotions that I have had to keep down for many years below the surface. I am cutting those cords and honoring those emotions. So I think my connections to the hotel and me are healing. Thanks for you and the angels for helping me do this.
- Lynn Marie, Canada
I really connected with the Belleview Biltmore Hotel my first time there last year when I attended my first Mediumship Course with Cindy Eyler. I learned a lot from both Cindy and the hotel itself. So I had to sign up for a second time around this year! When I got there it felt like the hotel and I were old friends. I was home. Cindy took us through a meditation where I had a breakthrough that changed the way I feel about everything. It was interesting to see how much I had changed and grown since the last time I took the course. Cindy, thank you for a wonderful class where we were able to give back to the hotel. I look forward to my next visit.
- E.G., New Jersey
Cindy's classes and workshops are life changing. She is truly blessed with skills that assist us in letting go of behaviors and feelings that hold us back from personal growth and joy. I have had some amazing experiences, often with instant results. I am grateful for the opportunity to have received some of the benefits of Cindy's gifts.
- L. Lawrence, California
I met Cindy a few years back at the New Living Expo in San Francisco. I was going thru a rough time last year and I needed answers and felt guided to call Cindy. It's the best thing I did! After the reading I realized what my purpose in life is! I am happy to say my life has changed completely for the better! I am proud to say I am using the tools I have learned from Cindy in everyday life!! I am healing my soul! I even went afar and stayed in a haunted resort and opened myself to a new world of Mediumship. The class was fantastic! I am a medium! I love the people I have met and looked forward to the next class. I finally feel grounded and ready to move forward to what else I am guided to do! This is a new journey, a new life...I feel that I am on the right path now!!! Thank-you Cindy!!! Your a teacher that cares and I appreciate you for always doing your very best!!!!
- Mary, Oakland, CA
Besides getting a daily buzz from the wondrous Pyramid energies, I experienced bliss from my soul, which will last indefinitely. This Egyptian journey was pure magic.
- Ruth L., Clayton, California.
Since I have met Cindy, my life has completely turned around. With her guidance, support and her healings, I have noticed a wonderful change within me. I am doing things I never imagined possible and have awakened to the life I know I am meant to live. I found my bliss and look forward to seeing where my special gifts take me. Thank you, Cindy, for helping get on my path.
- Elizabeth G., New Jersey
First of all, I wanted to let you know that your Mediumship Course in Salem, MA and your teaching did more for me than I could have possibly imagined. I am sure you could tell that I was going through some pretty "interesting" stuff up there. Since then everything has fallen into place in some very wonderful ways. I could go on forever but I will keep this brief for now. I will tell you this...yesterday, for the first time I saw one of my guardian angels and he told me that he moves my body and my head around so I can see and do certain things. As soon as I saw him, Michael came rushing in...I see him all the time but usually as a stream or spark of cobalt was great to finally see him. You are truly an amazing woman Cindy...I wish you much love and happiness.
- Cory, Palm Beach, FL
Cindy, you are an incredible teacher! You have a way of describing things and giving “visuals” to make it easier for me to learn. I love your sense of humor, which in that haunted hotel (mediumship course,) was much needed. Thank you for always being so encouraging, I love that about you! In my mediumship class, your encouragement meant so much to me. I just pulled off my first Angel Party – and I kept thanking God for guiding me to YOU because it was you who taught me to trust in me and the visions and words and feelings and thoughts I was getting – and to just give ‘em what I was getting. So I did, and you know what? It meant something to them. Awesome. Thank you so much Cindy! Everyone at my Angel Party was so happy, and I am so happy that I have you guiding me along my path. Thank you!
- Patti, Oakley, CA
I felt a tremendous amount of serenity after my first Light Activation Healing session with Cindy. I had been going through a large amount of stress, but after the first session, I felt a calming sensation, like everything was going to be okay. The other sessions that I had were extremely helpful and I felt that Cindy is compassionate and empathetic, but also very straightforward about issues that need to be addressed in order to heal the problems that are present in a client's life. I highly recommend Light Activation Healing session with Cindy.
- Gaye, Berkeley, California
Thank you so much for yesterday. I left feeling energized about some things I wanted to take care of- and they were also things that I had "thought" of doing, so I need to trust my inner guidance more. Thank you from the deepest loving part of my heart. 🙂 In case no one has told you lately, YOU ARE WONDERFUL, you have really helped me. I really feel great, did I already mention that? You are such a wonderful, loving spirit helping down here on earth- you are truly making a difference with your loving guidance and your abilities to communicate with our loving Angels. I'm so grateful - I wish you "Ascension in this lifetime". 🙂 You deserve it. Thank you.
- Patti, Antioch, CA
Since my angel reading from you my life has changed, for the better. Although you may not remember any of it, you were right, I am asking the angels for everything. You said that if I ask my spirit guide to set me up with my contacts for a job, it would happen in three months. Well it did, to my surprise I already knew the person, we just hadn't talked in years. The job was something that I had previously been searching about, but I stopped searching because I thought one had to have certain credentials to obtain the position. She told me that I didn't and that they were hiring. When I was working at the retail job , at the time, I was very unhappy. I wrote down in my journal everything I wanted in a job, the exact opposites of what I had at the store. To my surprise, when I got this new job, it was EVERYTHING that I had asked for (manifested). I did just like you said, everyday that I was working at the retail store I said in my head, "I am GOING TO get this job, not I hope, I AM." So, I manifested my new job (which I love so much, I never thought I would be saying that about a job) and my new car. So basically what I wanted to tell you is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I am so happy to know more about our angels and manifesting. In the future I do want another angel reading with you, but not anytime soon because I am still very satisfied with my last reading. (since I cannot hear it directly from my angels and my spirit guide.)
- Jennifer, San Jose, CA
That was the best reading I have ever had! It was also very meaningful to me. Thank you!
- Warren, Pleasant Hill, CA
had a reading from you a few weeks ago. It was so awesome. Since I am on the right path it feels so good and things just work out and the signs from the Angels are awesome. It is just one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced. I was so ecstatic when you told me I was listening to them. That is so important to me. I have been working on listening to them since last summer. The signs I see and experience just leave me in awe & amazement!!!! I was telling myself one day it's like incredible then I stopped myself and said no it IS incredible they are miracles. There is no other explanation it's God's work. I'm just so excited that I'm listening to them and have a closer relationship with them and God!! I have the most faith in him that I have ever had.
- Patricia, CA
I really appreciate you sharing your gifts of angel teaching to everyone in class. YOUR A NATURAL AT IT!! There's your confirmation from me.... : ) your a blessing and you make God very happy : )
- El, Oakland, CA
I just have to tell you what an inspiration you have been! Life is tough and making the decision to move forward on our journey and do our lightwork is so huge! I would not have moved so quickly through things if it weren't for you! I know your tough on me sometimes but it doesn't take away the fact that you do it with such LOVE! You push me and you don't let up and it's for my own good! You have always known (because you must be psychic) where I needed to be and how far I could go and I'm just so glad you stayed on me! I feel like a bird ready to fly from the nest.
- Margie, San Jose, CA
I so thoroughly enjoyed our session together. And I am so grateful for the tape of that session. I listened to it twice yesterday, and it is so invaluable to have because of course, it is easy to forget some of the most important things that you said. I do have to apologize because it seemed to me that I had too much to say, and should have kept more quiet to let you do the talking. It's just that my enthusiasm was running over as you were giving me such good information from the angels. Thank you for being the wonderful channel that you are; and I look forward to seeing you again in one of your seminars and/or workshops.
Thanks so much. I've been feeling really grounded this week---it seems to lead to a greater sense of confidence, which is wonderful. Thank you for showing me how to do this.
- Meredith, California
..I also wanted to thank you for your kindness and heart felt concern for me yesterday. I asked for a shift in my consciousness and I have to tell you that I have shifted MAJOR since yesterday. I can't tell you how happy I am to have taken your classes. I can't WAIT until next Saturday! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talents and abilities! I am having so much fun playing with all the wonderful things I learned in your class. I hope you day is as full of joy as mine is today.
- Tracey, Danville, CA
What a GREAT Day! I love listening to you. You are so funny, but so good. You make it enjoyable. I love having things click. You know that feeling when something finally clicks, makes sense. And now you get it. I had that happen today. Quite a few times. You know, with another teacher these classes could been very long and tiring. But everyone is very interested ALL DAY LONG! It's a long day, but I think everyone is so enjoying the class, is so interested that they are not thinking that they've been there all day. Does that make sense? You keep the pace moving. And they are actually practicing it, right then and there. And they are doing it. So they are so encouraged. Nothing like that validation and confirmation. You keep it lighthearted, not so serious. You make it fun, without cheapening it. I feel like everyone can relate. I think sometimes "PSYCHICS" make people feel they can't do this. But you show them they can. You are so approachable. I also feel everyone was more relaxed and open, so they were ready. Everyone talked and shared things. And they were ok with it. And the group just gelled. By the way I just got confirmation on that.
- Mona, California
It was so great to attend your class. I am getting lots of good signs this month after your class. I can feel I am protected by Angels. Right now I know it takes time to get what I am looking for. I have to be patient for that outcome. Thanks again for your help and support. One day I felt so happy and peaceful on the way home from my office. I said loudly in the car " I love you Cindy, thanks for guiding me" Hope you would hear. I love Angels and I love God.
- Shirley, California
Thank you for being a big part of my life. Thank you for coming into my life! You are great, and have changed my life for the better. I thank you so very much. You are a gift to the world and all of us in the class. If your ears are ringing it's because we can't stop talking about you. We always look forward to Saturdays. God bless you! Thank you so much for the kind words and support. You are a true angel! 🙂
- Terri, Pittsburg, CA
I am continuing to connect with my Angels. We're developing a real love relationship that makes me smile every time I step back and observe. It's so wonderful and enriching. Thank you for your vital impetus. I would so love to take the upcoming class, but I have the previous commitment I may take it next time around, God willing. Thank you for all that you have brought into my life. I had wonderful confirmation today from my angels when I could not find something in the house and asked for their assistance. They immediately told me where to look, and there it was! I was so excited and they were too (at least I felt that); so I flooded them with kisses and giggles and hugs to the air! It was a wonderful, heartwarming moment. I forgot to mention that I heard you on the radio, and I was thrilled. You were great! and I'm happy to know that you have already scheduled to be on with Bonnie in the next three months. I will definitely be listening. Thanks Cindy for opening me up to the real likelihood of easy communication with my helpers. It is thrilling.
- Gaye, Berkeley, CA
Thank you for your quick reply and sending your wonderful energy my way - it poured out of my computer! Thanks - I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you.
- Irene, San Francisco, CA
You are a GREAT teacher! You really are. You give so much to your students and to the class. They really are very informative. I really like your format. Yes they are all day, but it doesn't seem long. But, I believe you learn more and retain it and are able to recall it on your own after doing it all day.
- Mona, Benicia, CA
I am not sure if you still remember that when you were doing reading for me at the first time we met, I was asking about my job. You said that I will get a job in San Ramon in Marketing. Today I just got confirmation that the company will give me an offer in Marketing in San Ramon with one grade promotion. It that amazing? I love you so much, Cindy. You are indeed my light worker. My life totally changed since I met you.
- Shirley, Danville, CA
Your workshop at East West was so amazing and you are such a gift to all of us, I think we were all awed by the experience (there were a lot of positive, enthusiastic comments as we left the store. The energy in the room was incredible! I haven't had a chance to transcribe all my notes and try to write down my feelings and impressions, but the overall result is that I am experiencing a major shift and my faith and confidence have increased by a couple of notches. To have actually done a fairly accurate "reading" in the blue bubble guided meditation and to have had a very believable automatic writing experience, surpasses anything I could have expected. Also, the information you channeled about my aunt was right on. A couple of years ago at one of Doreen's appearances at East West, she saw my aunt and, like you, also sensed cooking odors (like garlic or spaghetti) -- when I lived in Brazil as a child, we often ate at my aunt's house. A few years ago, when for some reason I had several clairaudient experiences, I was able to hear her speaking to me a number of times. Anyway, sorry about going on and on, but I just wanted to put into words how much it meant to be at your workshop, and to thank you for all you're doing for the spiritual awakening of those with whom you come in contact. I am filled with joy and gratitude for having experienced your teachings and for your bringing in the angels' energies and love.
- Jenny, California
I just wanted to express my heart felt thanks for a wonderful class. I really appreciated your no nonsense style and truthful guidance. You certainly gave a lot of wonderful tools for us to use but what I truly valued the most was the simplicity of your teaching. It was a great reminder that clear communication and assistance from God/Masters/Angels is not something that requires a lot of hard work. Actually, it is effortless as long as one can relax and be open. Like you said, "Let it come to you".
- AM, California
Cindy did a Theta healing on me and it was like instant success! I have no background or history with Theta healing, so I just trusted that Cindy would know what was needed, and boy did she! Now when I think I need to \'process\' something related the the areas she cleared, I realize that there is no processing needed, because the old thought patterns are just gone! It is such a total feeling of freedom and I am so grateful for Cindy and the work she does. She is highly skilled, super connected and a beautiful being all around. Thank you Cindy!!
- Sue Divine, Maui, HI
I would really like to express my gratitude for being a part of the Light Activation Healing experience. Ever since you introduced LAH to me my life has changed on many levels. Before LAH, I struggled with my self and carried a cycle of depression and negative feelings and thoughts, my energy was drained and heavy. I couldn\'t see a way out although I wanted to feel better and be well. I had a limited perception and belief in myself. With the very first healing, I knew something was working within me, helping on deep levels, almost unexplainable, but very real. I now feel free, lighter, with much peace within me and also expressed outwardly. My mind is expanding and I know I am connecting with my inner truth. I feel great and when I go through a harder time, I am able to bounce out of it easier, there is so much more but I feel stronger and now my family knows a better me. I feel very blessed, so Thank You Cindy for sharing Light Activation Healing with me!
- D. Garcia, San Jose, CA
I\'m not only a Light Activation Healing Master graduate, I\'m also a client! About a month ago I came across something very specific I wanted to address. I knew it would take hard work, courage and perseverance and I was ready to face it head on. So I reached out to Cindy for assistance in moving through this. Within a few weeks, things were different. Something huge shifted within me therefore the world around me looked different and new. That old energy no longer holds any influence over me. Facing this head on allowed me to free up a part of myself I was missing. Not only did this change help me, but it changed relationships around me in a wonderful, healthy way. Thank you again Cindy for helping me see the truth and for helping me gain perspective. Love you!
- Elizabeth G., New Jersey
Cindy, has helped me in more ways than I could ever express. My introduction to Cindy, was my first trip to Egypt..which quickly led to my second. The Journey to Egypt is heart opening and transformational. I truly enjoyed the experience, knowing that my every move was accommodated. Simply, all I had to do was enjoy every moment. The transportation, hotel, amazing food, complete itinerary, all taken care of for me. This is an amazing trip to take, Egypt is exciting and inviting. Cindy will guide you into new area\'s of yourself that are just waiting to open up. Once you experience this you will transform and feel the excitement of life!I would recommend all journeys that Cindy offers. Receiving Light Activation and also taking the course have also opened me up to new levels that I am so grateful for. If you are ready to remove blocks, stagnant energy/fears, and open yourself up to your potential, please try a healing. I have also made incredible, lifetime friendships through the many gatherings I have attended. Cindy takes great care in planning trips and offers solid feedback in her healings. Thank you for all that you do Cindy! Love You!!!
- Cristina G., Berkeley, CA
Cindy, thank you for such an awesome class last night! I slept like a baby! It was indeed out of this world. And thanks for the encouragement to \"be bold\" and step into my next career of spiritual counseling. On the drive home, the freeway directional signs, etc., were extremely bright and seemed more noticeable than usual. As I\'m watching them, a message came to me: \"Wake up and pay attention! Just like you are paying attention to these freeway signs, pay attention to the signs your soul and guides, et al, are giving/sending you; and heed them with absolute TRUST in right outcomes for all concerned. Be here now. Share the message--it\'s for the whole world, not just you.\" It further stated: \"Cindy is a \'Vessel Opener\' bringing Light to the world--she brings good things to Light!\" I am soooo looking forward to your Mt. Shasta retreat and our next three sessions! Beam me up Cindy! Love you!!
- V. Holmes, Fremont, CA
Thank you Cindy for the Mount Shasta trip. After i came back from there i felt more ready to make real changes in my life and letting go of my fears and doubts. I have more faith and feel ready to move forward in life. Thank you again for all your guidance 🙂
- Anaa, California
The Mount Shasta trips were truely mystical, beautiful, magical and sacred in my experience. Being there with intention opened up my heart to deep healing joy and love, shifting much within me. Connecting with the energies of this Great Mountain is such a healing, purifying and peaceful. With Cindy\'s guidance, gifting us with her wisdom, light, love and healing has truely helped me in my own healing and spiritual growth to move forward in my life with much peace. Thank you Cindy for the all the amazing meditations, ceremonies and healings that I have experienced through you, opening up my conscious mind to that greater space and deeper connection to the divine within. My heart and spirit is full in gratitude!
- Denise, San Jose, CA
Going to Sedona with Cindy was life changing for me. The way she helped me tap into my psychic powers on that trip was incredible. Words can not describe the profound experience I had there.
- Therese, Huntington Station, NY
I was fortunate to go to Egypt for 3 weeks with Cindy Eyler, on this transformational, life changing experience of a life time, never a dull moment. Cindy is great at making sure that we experienced all the wonderful places that Egypt had to offer. Organized it in a special way, according and matching where in Egypt we were. The trip met and exceeded my expectations by far. Loved to have shared this journey with you Cindy. Thank you for making sure that I experienced it all. 🙂
- Maira Trabulsy
Cindy is the real deal. She is an authentic healer that moves the world forward towards love and light one person at a time. Cindy has really made a difference in my life. She has helped me see what my issues are and has cleared the blocks and opened doors to go forward in ways that will bring me the love and peace that I desire. Cindy is a healer guided by the angels, ascended masters our higher power. I am so grateful for the gift of knowing Cindy and her work has been brought into my life.
- Lynda L.
I went on my first journey with Cindy to Mt. Shasta and the experience was amazing. It was exactly what I needed at that time in my life. Cindy\'s teachings are so insightful and inspirational. I highly recommend any journey that Cindy leads.
- L.M., Walnut Creek, CA
Initially I came to Cindy to help a person that I cared very much about. In working with Cindy, I learned many things about myself, the Universe, Angels, the Creator, and Manifesting one's own dreams and reality. Through the LAH sessions, I felt positive changes within myself, I'm more calm, more understanding, more loving, and remarkably, I found that other people sense that and interact with my in a more pleasant, friendly, positive way.  By changing my energy, others are drawn to me without my even saving a word! Cindy is great to work with, amazingly insightful, intuitive, healing, and accurate. I highly recommend her.   
- Kevin B.,  Key West, FL