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2 Important Life Cycles You Don’t Want to Ignore!

2 Important Life Cycles You Don’t Want to Ignore!

May 9, 2013 is a New Moon Lunar Eclipse that you want to pay attention to!

As you know, I'm all about helping you land your dream life into your reality!

This is a Powerful Time to Reap what You have Sown from 2 Important Past Cycles in YOUR life!

Curious about the Cycles of Your Life that are contributing to this ending & new beginning?

Don't miss out on these BIG details, because they will help you manifest big time!

Let's start with the nitty gritty of each aspect:

New Moon:  Most powerful phase for manifesting with the moon

Lunar Eclipse:  Boosting the new moon manifesting energies with energies of 2 important cycles of endings & beginnings.

My Powerful Moon Goddess of Choice:   Triple Goddess Isis, of Magic, Love & Healing


Work with the Powerful Energies of Lunar Eclipse,

New Moon & Triple Goddess - Moon Goddess Isis

 Lunar Eclipse Manifesting May 2013


In short, contemplate your cycles to set the most powerful intentions for your manifesting.

This energy is about an ending of cycles and a completely new beginning.


The two cycles you want to look at for insight to see what may be in store for you:

1.  Revisit the years 1994 & 1995:   What was happening for you?  Key words:  Happening FOR you!

A cycle that started way back in 1994/1995 has now come full circle!  Whatever was happening FOR you... This new cycle that we are moving into with the New Moon Lunar Eclipse May 9, 2013,  is going to be a similar repeat for you.  The SAWEET news is, it is happening FOR you again, except at a higher levels, because we've been ascending big time baby!  Wee... can hardly contain myself here!

I looked back at this time for me and realized this is when I made a very significant new jump in my career, income and relationships.

What was going on for you in 1994/1995?

2.   Revisit what you Started in November 2012:  That was then, this NOW, baby! 

A cycle started in November 2012 that is ending now, and the new beginning is going to bring about fruition to something you started working on during the November time period.

Looking back I  remember that this is when I started working vigoriously at revamping my business and upping my game!

What about you?  What were you doing in November 2012?

For me, I am seeing how both of these life cycles are relating to each other very closely,  and seeing great news for a new leap of success in all areas of my life... I'm excited!

Don't you love how the Universe orchestrates magic in these amazing ways?  Wowness factor, that is for sure! 


Now that you are putting 2 + 2 together, use the information to amplify your new moon manifestation intentions.

Invoke Triple Moon Goddess Isis to assist you with her magic and work with the New Moon Lunar Eclipse energies to tie it all together for YOUR WOW-NESS into YOUR NOW-NESS!!

I knew 2013 was going to deliver great things for those you who have been consciously working with the energy flows and embracing your ascension.

Enjoy this wave of magnificent energies that are creating the 'space' to anchor it all into your reality!  YES!!

What about you?  What's UP?!!  

I can hardly contain myself here... Now it's YOUR TURN...

Go to the Comments below and share Your Cycles and how they are helping you as they are coming into REAL-ity!  

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