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dust settles, do you?

dust settles, do you?

dust settles... what about you?  getting personal.

I'm about to get pretty personal in the next series of blogs. 

yes, I have my share of life sucking situations and heart break too...

i never said i didn't... in fact, how can i help you if i didn't experience it myself?

i couldn't.


So here I am, 

with my heart in my hand and my breaking point...

In fact, the next several blog posts,

I'll be sharing a series of one of my

very personal stories.

You see, I used to settle, just like dust 😉

But the more I gave in to "being comfortable,"

for the sake of making "life easier and going through the

motions of having a relationship,"

the more I realized that justifying it all was

just lies trying to keep myself away from the painful truth how I was really feeling.


I was just like that ... on my computer busy ignoring how much I was settling.












I was unhappy, stressed out, felt disrespected on so many levels

and I didn't even care anymore that he was lying and cheating 

--- because, I was lying and cheating by staying in this relationship too.

Even though we began traveling separate roads,

we still loved each other, for sure.


Why did it come to this then?

I can speculate a lot, but bottom line...

we weren't able to settle some deep differences.

He was asking way to much of me when it came to certain things,

and I am sure if you asked him he'd say the same about me.


Why in the world was I settling then?

  • It felt overwhelming to think of what it would take to leave
  • I didn't know how I could afford to leave
  • I knew I'd hurt people I loved if I left
  • I felt guilty
  • I was too tired and stressed to blow up my entire world and deal with the fallout


Well, just as the Universe always does...

it gives you many "opportunities" to do what is best for yourself.


When you don't take the bait, then the Universe bring it to you:

- a breaking point


- a turning point...


I woke up one Saturday morning and had

no idea that it would be that afternoon I’d be walking out of my life, completely.


We got in an argument that day over an elastic hair band I found on the floor of his car.

Fed up, with disgust on his face and an angry voice he said, “Why don’t you just leave.”

I said, “That sounds like a good idea.”


Breaking point -- He just gave me my out.

I was pissed off, but relieved and unbelievably calm.

I knew it was this day my whole life was at my -- turning point.

Everything.  Would.  Change.  Now. 


My heart felt hurt, broken and unimaginable sadness.   I definitely felt guilty and blamed myself for this disruption in my love relationship, life and home.  What was I doing?  It was the hardest thing ever… but, I knew I had to.  It’s hard to leave a bad experience… it’s harder to leave one that you still love.

I called a few of my friends.  They came over and helped me pack only a fraction of my things.  We loaded up our cars.


Saying good bye to all of it, the door clicked closed and I never looked back.

I had everything I could have wanted, well, not “everything,” because I left… I left behind a man whom I had an addictively fun, loving and unique relationship with.  Unfortunately, there were also parts of us that weren't traveling in the same direction that eventually tore us apart.

However, further to this truth,


I left because I wasn’t loving myself by staying.  

I deserved to be loved deeply, healthy, happy and free from the little nagging demons that were picking away at me from what was happening on the sidelines our relationship that kept me feeling stressed, unworthy and disrespected half the time.


I decided it was time to be true to myself and my life journey.

Even if that meant starting with literally nothing, somehow I knew that loving myself enough to let it all go would take me on an adventure of self-love that would increase my self-esteem, self-worth and confidence so I could align with a healthier, happier love for myself, new relationships and a fulfilling life.


I was tired of being a stranger in my own life…

Where did I go?  ... to be continued in my next blog post...


Your life matters.

How you feel matters.

What you want matters.


How are you settling in your life?


Can you imagine how your life could be if you didn't?

What holds you back?

How many more years are you willing to stay the same?

Think about what it is costing you to stay the same?


I help open-minded go-getters like you that can

no longer neglect yourself and ready for a turning point.


Hear how your life can change in as little as 17 days with options to dive deeply into you.

Get the guidance and direction to feel safe moving forward with clarity and confidence.

Make your way of life one that feels successful, happy, fulfilled and abundant on a daily basis.

If you could live this way, what would this mean for you and your life?

How much would it be worth to you to resolve your challenge?


Trust the Process ~ Achieve Your Results

I'm Here, You're Here ~ Let's Talk About It


In other news:


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Thank you for Sharing and Caring!

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