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I Will Never Criticize My Body Again

I Will Never Criticize My Body Again

Yesterday, I bought myself baby pink roses,

because I love myself...

Self Love Cindy Eyler Blog


Earlier I was relaxing in bed and

telling all parts of my body how much I loved them.

Even the parts that in the past I have criticized.

When I got to my heart I realized and felt how much my beautiful heart has been through in my life.

So many joys but also so many sadnesses and really difficult hurts.

I just held my hands to my heart and thanked it for enduring so so much.

Of course tears released as I felt so much from this realization.

I have a whole new appreciation for my heart, my body and myself as a whole.

I will never ever criticize any part of body again.


My question to you:

Have you ever taken the time to tell each body part and organ

how much you appreciate all they have done for you?

We spend so much time criticizing ourselves and saying

what we don't like or even hate.

Can you even start to grasp how devastating that is to our body?

Wow... it turns my stomach to even realize it.

Please take time to honor everything about yourself,

especially the things you've always disliked.

If we cannot love every inch of ourselves,

then who can?


I will be leading a Women's Love Yourself Retreat in

Maui, March 2015.

Contact me if you would like to be put on the list


Now it's your turn!

Please leave a comment below and share how you are loving yourself....

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