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I was Drowning in Post-It Notes – How I was Rescued!

I was Drowning in Post-It Notes – How I was Rescued!

Tracking life and work on post it notes?


I had to tell you about this new discovery, because

it literally rescued me!

Life is always crazy busy and we always have a lot to keep track of.


How do you keep keep track and remember?

  • grabbing a piece of scratch paper
  • writing it on a white board
  • remembering it your head (warning, warning -- over-load!)
  • or like me... post it notes ~ most of which get lost or forgotten!

You get the picture!


I recently asked my Facebook friends,

"Who absolutely loves their planners?"

Thanking my lucky stars,

a friend told me about her obsession with her Bullet Journal!

I was totally blown away with the concept of this journal and

immediately knew it was for me.

Got Organization in Your Life?


Check it out!

This week's video is about my

Bullet Journal

A Dream Come True!


I am Finally ORGANIZED

I LOVE this Planner

I am more FOCUSED

Getting stuff DONE

Maybe it's for you too!


Watch it here: BULLET JOURNAL Video

Who can't use help keeping track of things!

If you know her - tell me about her!



Did you remember to download my

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Feel better every day


When you feel good, Life is Good!

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I hope you like it!


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