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10 Easy Steps to Getting Anything You Want – That Work!

10 Easy Steps to Getting Anything You Want – That Work!

You all know me!  I'm all about teaching techniques about the Law of Attraction and Manifesting your dreams!
If you really want abundance in your life, you must allow your energy to open as much as possible.


10 Easy Steps to Getting Anything You Want - That Work! 


1)  Set a "Bold Goal".  It could be a Bold Money Goal, a Bold Weight Loss Goal, a Bold Relationship Goal, a Bold Career Goal... it an be ANY Goal, just make it BOLD 🙂


Because this is the ACT of Tuning Into & Summonsing in Abundance Energy in the Biggest Way!


2)  Give it a "Date" ... I choose 60 Day Bold Goals


3)  Write it down. I like to write it on a piece of paper and tape it up on my office wall where I'll see it every day.  Ex:  $166,000 by June 6, 2013

Bold Goal

4)  Have FUN thinking about all the ways that you could possible "reach the Bold Goal by the date".  Your mind will start looking at pathways you know and trigger new pathway openings you hadn't thought about.  When your mind starts exploring 'places' it hasn't 'reached' or 'thought of' before, it will trigger more new pathway openings and expansion of ideas that never occurred to you.  Somethings may seem like... omgosh, could that really happen?  wow, that would be amazing! or even no way... but don't go there! ... and I am SURE you will say, "I don't know how it is possible, even with all these ideas!"  ... It doesn't matter!! Just let you mind have FUN playing with ideas even if some may seem too out of reach or crazy --- just entertain those thoughts... it is a really great process, and it is expanding your creativity, thought process, opening you to possibilities, miracles, blessings and a much larger abundance consciousness!  This is super cool, dude!!


5)  Get a bunch of colored post its and start writing each idea on a post it and tagging it on the wall underneath your Bold Goal.  Color code them for example:  Make "Topic Headings" and then start populating them: The things you can do now will be yellow.  The things that you want to do soon in pink.  The things you have to do but not first in green.  The things you have no clue how to do but hey... in blue.  You get it... just color code these ideas and start putting them in columns underneath your Bold Goal.


6.  Then start with one... start with the one that calls you first, then the next, and you get it... just every day do something big or even tiny to keep that energy flowin'!


7.  Meanwhile every day keep those ideas turning and add those post it's, baby!!


The crazier the idea the funner... who cares!! It doesn't matter!!
Be wild, be free, be adventurous in your ideas!  


There is no wrong way here..
the more "out there" the "bigger you think" the better!!  No room for limitations here!  


8.  Keep your eye on that Bold Goal every day and SMILE.


9.  Some days you are going to be inspired other days you might feel blah, but it doesn't matter, just keep looking at the Bold Goal and SMILE at least once a day! hahaha... seriously, ya gotta do that at least once a day... it's part of the 10!


10.  HAVE FUN WITH THIS PROCESS!!!  This is not meant to stress about, get down about, freak out about, because there is NO fail in this process... Nope.. zip, zero, none!  Only winning going on in this process, in that you can be sure!! No matter what happens by the ending date, doing this process IS PUTTING YOU IN THE WINNERS CIRCLE!!  The "journey" is expanding your consciousness bigger than it has ever been AND:


back to my beginning sentence:


---> if you really want abundance in your life, you must allow your energy to open as much as possible....
and these 10 Steps to Your Bold Goal ARE DOING IT!!!!  


You are allowing your energy to open bigger then it ever has, and that means YOU definitely will see two of my favorite "M's" ---> Manifestations & Miracles... land right into your experience... BEFORE your Bold Goal ending date!  .... and you know what?  you may just be surprised, dear One, and see that Bold Goal land in your lap too!  Just be open to the best successful results and believe me, you will see plenty of them!


Rule of Thumb, Baby:  No doubting, fearing, feeling bad or sad... nope... just SMILE every day at that goal and play the game the way I am telling you, because it works!---> PLEASE "Comment" below to share what YOUR Bold Goal is and come back often to share and support through the process!


Supplemental Videos of a Webinar that covers Details on this Process that will help you along even further:

10 Easy Steps to Get What You Want - That Work ~ VIDEO Series: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


Now giddy-UP and giddy-ON!!


This is my line of work ---> helping YOU to Breakthrough & See Real Results!  
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Enjoy the process ~ it is amazing!! <3