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Super Boost Clarity Program

Are you seeing your goals, desires and manifestations yet?

If you're not, there is no time like the present!  Right?


You have two choices:

1.  You can keep doing the same thing

2.  or, You can take action and get what you want.

I'd opt for #2!  You?




Because you can -- really, it's that simple.

Commit now and put your eyes on your target!



"Eyes on your Target" is the key phrase here!


A few questions:

1) Do you feel like you have had enough intention and focus towards your desires?

2) Have you been consciously working on your specific intentions and focus?

3) Can you see it unfolding, stagnating or seeing a few encouraging signs?

4) On a scale from 1 - 10, 10 being the best, how close do you feel to that 10?

Wiggle room in any of these questions?

It's not too late to get fully on track and make it happen.


Gain momentum and energy conducive to creating and receiving.

~ it's worth taking your best shot.

Do you have the will and desire to shift gears and

make your intentions your realities?

I warn you --- this IS the fast track...



Because, there ain't no time for wasting!

This. Is. THE. Time. To. Make. It. Happen.


Here are the deets!


To get what you want you have to be working on -at least- these levels:

energetically, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

All of them  --or you could be hindering your success.


When we want ONE THING,

we have to look at ALL THINGS within you.

If we do not,

either you get NO THING...

or it just harder to get SOME THING.


Can you say you have been doing all of these things to get your DESIRED THING(s)?  

Don't miss the boat...

My hand is reaching out to you -- grab it!



5 Part Step-by-Step Super Boost Clarity Program:

Session 1:

Energetic Assessment:  Chakra Reading and Clarity Session

1 Hour: By Skype or Phone (but always recorded) together we will do your energetic assessment:

  • reading each of your chakras
  • find out where you are energetically
  • shift the energies as we discuss in detail what you want in every area of your life
  • understand where you are, compared to where you want to be
  • create the first shot at your clarity plan to align more directly with your desire


Session 2:

Energy Alignment: Intensive Light Activation Healing Session + Detailed Feedback

45 Minute Session + 30 Minute Email Feedback

In this session I will take what came out of Session 1:

  • discovering, clearing and releasing anything in the way on all-inclusive levels
  • shift your energy to align with your Clarity Plan, intentions and focus
  • will get you in the game, with a more direct connection to your desires


Session 3:

Upgraded Energetic Assessment:  Year-at-a-Detailed-Glance Reading and Clarity Session

90 Minute:  By Skype or Phone (but always recorded)

After the work we did in the previous sessions, we will:

  • perform a detailed check point tarot reading to see where you are heading for the next year
  • decide if this is the path you want or if it is not the path you want
  • decide what needs to be changed and/or shifted
  • create your Upgraded Clarity Plan that aligns for upgraded momentum and better positioning for your desired outcome


Session 4:

Upgraded Energy Alignment:  Intensive Light Activation Healing Session + Detailed Feedback

45 Minute Session + 30 Minute Email Feedback

In this session I will take what came out of Session 3:

  • repeat the process in Session 2, but with more information and intention
  • take your Upgraded Clarity Plan and Blueprint into your Energetic and Physical Imprint
  • this Upgraded Clarity Plan and Upgraded Energy Alignment sets you on a clearer path with purpose and driven focus forward


Session 5:

Wrap Up Assessment & Alignment:  Intuitive Readings, Healing & Channeled Message for Guidance Forward

1 Hour:  By Skype or Phone (but always recorded)

In this session we will be wrapping up all the work done in the prior sessions:

  • receive an intuitive reading from where you are now after the prior 4 session for your Super Boosted Clarity Plan
  • an energy alignment healing through out session
  • belief downloads as needed and guided
  • a channeled message for guidance forward


Together we can create a far richer and more purposeful understanding and clarity of your

intended life, lifestyle or specific manifestation(s), but,

we need to address your life as a whole, to land whatever it is that you are focusing on.


With this powerful method of

working one-on-one focused together we can:

Move, Manipulate and Mold

your energy through time and space

for the greatest outcome possible.


A unique potency when working this way between us and Spirit -happens- and

provides greater insights as to how best gain your balance and achieve an inner harmony that is

unique to you and what is needed for you at this time.


The balance and flow of this:

5 Part Step-by-Step Energetic Assessment, Alignment and Super Boost Clarity Plan

offers you the greatest chance at getting where you need to be to Hit. Your. Target!


Can you really allow this one to slip through your fingers?

Luxury, NOT!

Feel into this as a Necessity, YES!



Usually I am not available to work 1-1 with you in this manner,

but if I were, to receive the services outlined in this 5 Session Program would be:

a minimum of $1710.

Work with me at these higher focused levels and make things happen!

One-time price of: $1197 ($513 Savings)

This Complete Deal is a Steal of a Deal!



Let's Do This Now!



NOTE:  The Payment Plan is by Pre-Approval Only.  

Must be in good standing with working with me personally.

Looking forward to working with you in this

beautiful ~ 5 Part Super Boost Clarity Program!