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Year-at-a-Detailed-Glance Special


Awareness is 100%


See what is coming your way...

Once you see your year ahead you can decide:

Heck no! I want to change that!


I love it! I'll take it!


Get guidance to know how to make it even better!

It's a win-win either way!




The Process:

  • Starting with a foundational reading for the year


  • Then move month by month to see from where you are now, and where you are heading in your year ahead.


  • Decide:  Want to keep your path as it is coming -or-  make the choice to change it to better.




These readings are very in-depth and insightful.

Consciously participate in how your next year unfolds!

Don't be a victim of circumstance!

Take action and choose what you want!


The Offer:

Year-at-a-Detailed-Glance Reading:  

70 minutes either by Phone or by Video Recording for only: $197

Bonus offering:

Take the next step and seal in your desires for the next year.

After your reading,

Light Activation Healing Add-on:  if you would like to work at aligning your energy with specific intentions to boost your experience and results for the next year can be included at a special low rate.

Total Package: Reading + Light Activation Healing Only: $297 --- take it all!


This is a GREAT deal!

Normally a reading alone is more than this total package rate.

Invest in Your next Year for Only $297 ~ a savings of $261!


Book YOUR Appointment Today!

This sessions will sell quickly and I only have space for a limited number!


Get it Now!


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Important Waiver on ANY Service Offerings
These sessions or services mentioned throughout this website are not intended to replace seeking services medical, psychological or counseling from a licensed physician, psychiatrist or counselor. Sessions and training is not intended to diagnose or replace medical, psychological or counseling treatment or therapy. Further, just as a physician cannot guarantee specific results, neither can I. All results depend on each client's ability to work with the process effectively.