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Spiritual Teacher Mentoring

Specializing in:

  • Established Spiritual Teachers:

Re-energize your vision, gain greater focus, align with ideal clients, create higher stability, inspired creativity and rewarding opportunities, with a higher level of success and fulfillment


  • Starting Spiritual Teachers:

Starting fresh, you already have the inspired spark to get moving, but need guidance of how to get started quickly, with a stable foundation, gaining momentum, great clients and begin making your dreams come true ASAP


You know this is your calling and you're

ready to create a community and engage with your tribe

Mt Shasta with Cindy Eyler


Let's break it down!

Established Spiritual Teachers ~ I want to talk to you if :

You've been working at this for a while:

  • are you feeling like you are working a lot but, not getting the results you want?
  • and wondering when work will flow in more consistently and predictably?
  • feeling unseen and even though you're in ever position to be seen?
  • unsure which direction will open more opportunities to you?
  • pondering if this is your path or is it time to make a change?

You've come to the right place!


Who SHOULD work with me?

YOU should work with me if you are ready to do what it takes to:

  • discover what is in the way of stability, attracting your ideal clients and higher levels of success
  • make sure you are covered when it comes to marketing and your online presence
  • find your niche and target client and delivering services they are seeking
  • work smarter, not harder and gain the best results possible
  • be an out-of-the-box forward thinker while leveraging your uniqueness
  • work from a place of purpose and passion, and know from results you are on track
  • be an innovator that enjoys building on-going, exciting and engaging  levels of success

Warning:  These sessions may cause miracles that in the past you only dreamed of attaining.  Can you deal with that level of success?


Please scroll down to read:  A Little About My Background and How to Work with Me


Crystal Bowl Healings on the Ancient Alabaster Alter at Abu Ghurab Egypt Journey with Cindy Eyler
Crystal Bowl Healings on the Ancient Alabaster Alter at Abu Ghurab
Egypt Journey with Cindy Eyler



Ok, time to break it down further:

Starting Spiritual Teachers:  I want to talk to you if:

You are ready to embark on your heart-based path and

  • want to get foundations set-up, running efficiently and start working ASAP
  • ready to learn what it takes to attract your tribe, and get busy doing it
  • need to get clear on who your ideal client is, and how you can best serve with your special niche
  • how to create a strong online presence and must have marketing strategies that reap success
  • how to build a thriving client base and continue growing your community
  • want a consistent source of income and a stability in order to serve and contribute
  • learn to enjoy what you love, while easily supporting your passion and lifestyle
  • have a strong desire to crack open your creative genius, so work is not work, but FUN
  • create new opportunities and multiple streams of fulfillment
  • how to involve yourself in networking for a greater source of community and resources

I've got your back on this one, babe!


Who SHOULD work with me?

YOU should work with me if you are ready to do what it takes to:

  • discover how your purpose and passion can be driving factors in the success of your passion
  • learn new online marketing, and how to use the Internet to create stability, clients and programs
  • find your niche and ideal client to get more focused on offering services they seek
  • build and support your clientele, tribe and community and succeed in your desires
  • work smarter, not harder and get the best results possible
  • take on the mindset of out-of-the-box forward thinker and keep the momentum going 
  • work from a place of purpose and passion, and know you could never get a "real job" again
  • be an innovator that enjoys building on-going, exciting and engaging  levels of success

Warning:  These sessions may cause you to work and live your dream life!  Can you deal with that?


Past Life Regression in Isis Temple, Philae Island, Egypt Egypt Journey with Cindy Eyler
Past Life Regression in Isis Temple, Philae Island, Egypt
Egypt Journey with Cindy Eyler



A Little About My Background:

I was born a natural intuitive, and using my 'gifts,' is something that comes to me as easy as breathing does.  This gives us an extra super boost in figuring out what is in the way and remove it.  You may find that there are things in your way that you would have never imagined being there... so how can you get it out of the way if you had no clue it was there to begin with?  You can't, but with me, you now can!  My laser focused intuition has a way of discovering and pinpoint areas that are holding you back.

I also worked many years in Corporate America for a well-known worldwide consulting firm as a Senior Consultant.  As a consultant, you learn how to be your own entrepreneur, in a more cut-throat environment.  You are competing against others from inside the firm, as well as, outside consultants.  You have to know how to play the game, and be in it to win it.  Your ability to personally serve your firm's clients depends solely on the expertise and experience you bring to the table.  Being awarded future work with clients depends on your ability to deliver results you sold them upon to begin with.

Eventually, I realized my purpose and passion were to become an Spiritual Entreprenuer ~ Spiritual Teacher, and teach others how to work and live the life of their dreams --> because you can if you really want to.


I have been in business for about 18 years and

as my passions shifted and as

I decided upon better ideas of the perfect lifestyle for myself

that includes living in my dream location, traveling whenever I want and working where ever I am ---

I continued to recreate my business to suit my needs, desires and dreams -- and continue to do so.


In other words, what I am teaching you, is what I have already done... I walk my talk 😉  

Simply put:  If I can do it, so can you!


My solid ability to thrive as a consultant in Corporate America, along with my

personal charisma in business savvy-ness, and

blended with being 'tapped in' to my intuition,

is the perfect recipe for high level success.

I bring to "our" table my unique background and expertise in

guiding you to your dreams of success.


I have also successfully coached business men and woman in prominent positions in Corporate America in attaining higher paying positions, and even more important, landing career advancements in areas they prefer to live in to gain the lifestyles they desired for themselves and their families.  Many of these clients have sought out my services for over 10 years, as they continue to strive for better work/home/life situations.

Having experienced success in working in

both Corporate America and as a Spiritual Entrepreneur,

I offer practical step by step guidance to get you

from where you are to where you want to be.


The biggest things you will have to do is:

  • establish a clear vision,
  • dream bigger than you ever have before,
  • work with me and take the steps and go for your success

It is completely do-able!

Are you ready?


How to Work with Me

My focus is to see you succeed - plain and simple!

In order for your success to unfold faster and with more ease, it will take a full commitment on both of our parts.

I offer 3 package deals to facilitate the Spiritual Teacher Mentor Program.  Obviously, the more time you spend with me the better results you will achieve.


The Program:

  • We meet weekly for an comprehensive 90 minute Skype or phone session
  • Each session builds upon the next building momentum to take you further, faster
  • As we work you and as you commit to doing your weekly guidance you will see changes happening -- usually as soon as 2-3 weeks, however, I cannot guarantee specific results.
  • I will be completely committed to you and the process, as I will expect of you.  The only way to win is if you are in it to win it!


Here are the package deals and rates:

By submitting payment you acknowledge and agree to the terms:  ALL SALES FINAL




8 session: 90 Minutes Each


All Sales Final.



Drill Down and Get it Done Now Options!


1)  Power Session:  A 90 Minute Session for Laser Focus on What Important Steps are Needed Now!  

Get a bang for your buck and get set and running quick!  We will focus on the things that will help you most right now and get you moving to your 1st goals.

2) VIP Way: 11 Hours to GET IT DONE!

Cut to the chase. Work out all the details and get your Plan of Action for real RESULTS! 11 hours spread over 2 days. Includes 2 emails/week assistance for 3 months after your VIP Day to answer any questions from the work we discussed during your VIP Day.

2) Ultimate VIP 2-Day Retreat

Choose the Ultimate VIP Signature Experience. One-on-One time with me in person to receive a personalized delivery of services created for your situation. During our time together we can move through things deeply in a more focused and impactful way. An experience that will move you body, mind and spirit, for you highest outcomes possible. Includes 2 follow up emails. We agree upon location and dates. Travel/accommodation costs negotiable depending on location and costs associated.

Here are the package deals and rates:

By submitting payment you acknowledge and agree to the terms: ALL SALES FINAL


Power Session


90 Minutes: Most Important Next Steps


All Sales Final