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Specialized Premium Services


You are an:

  • individual
  • business owner
  • organization, company, corporation


that is interested in contracting me for:

  • long-term frequent services


  • tier-leveled on-call frequent or semi-frequent services


Contracts are:

6 months or 1 year in length

Oracle: "a person considered to provide wise counsel or
prophetic predictions or precognition of the future,
inspired by the gods. As such it is a form of divination." wikipedia

In Ancient Civilizations it was customary for those in power to have an Oracle by their side to help with their most pressing questions, important decisions and strategizing for wins, gains, partnerships, love, health or whatever their current needs presented. They never took action until consulting with their Oracle first to ensure they had all the knowledge they needed to take the best step forward.
In today's world, there are still individuals, business owners and even companies that find value in contracting assistance from a "tapped-in" modern day Oracle that has the innate ability to discern and "receive higher insight and guidance" to help them make their best decisions and be steps ahead as a result. This is what I can help you do!


Our business relationship will get you the best results possible in your life and/or business. Working long-term together on a frequent basis is our strength in your vision, and you will reap the rewards of your focus.


Our partnership takes your goals to higher levels, because the commitment between both of us puts my "wavelength" into your desired outcomes and I become that "antenna" and receive on-going "messages" as I become your "tuned-in" eyes and ears.


I am a living expression of an ancient, modern and future world Oracle ~ when you get to know me (and I hope you do), you'll totally know why!  As natural born "seer," I utilize my "gifts," of intuitive mastery to help you to receive higher guidance and information that you may not be receiving on your own.  Offering you increasingly more advantage then you would have without me.

You can be ahead of the rest ~

"seeing beyond" your cutting edge.


  • Intrigued?
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  • Want to know more?
  • Ready to discuss your needs?


Your level of frequency and needs will determine my availability.

I am only able to take on between 2 - 4 clients a year depending on the level of contracted needs.

If you are interested get on board now!


Let's talk and decide if this is right for you...

*** Serious Inquiries Only ***


Contact Me Now ... and we can discuss details!