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Light Activation Healing Training Courses

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Light Activation Healing System® Practitioner Courses & Conferences

is comprised of 5 Training Levels + Teachers Training:

  • Levels I - III:  Foundations, the Technique, DNA Reactivation
  • Mastery Level IV:  Advanced Multi-Dimensional Medical Intuitive
  • Teacher for Levels I - III:  Teach Levels I - III  (pre-requisites: Levels I - IV)
  • Alchemist Level V:  Multi & Inter Dimensional Ascension Alchemy (acceptance process + Teachers Training Preferred)

Conferences are Held to Update Each Level & to Sharpen Skill Sets

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  • Are you being called to learn a accelerated healing modality that is like no other?
  • Interested in learning a how to takes your intuitive gifts to higher levels whether you are a beginner or advanced?
  • Ready to see your intuitive gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, and telepathy increase to levels you never imagined?
  • Want to access your Medical Intuition skills?
  • Light Activation Healing System® will be more than imagined... changing your clients live's for the better, as YOUR life transforms in leaps and bounds!  Guaranteed to Rock Your World!

Light Activation Healing System® is a soul path, life purpose and experiential journey of deep breakthroughs and transformation.

If you were "guided" here ~

you can believe it is for good reasons 😉


Course Descriptions

Level I:  Foundations of Light Activation Healing System®



  • Background on Light Activation Healing System®
  •  Why people seek healings and the benefits received.
  •  How to best assist people in healing, ascension and transformation.
  •  How to access specific healing frequencies and theory of the technique application.
  •  Understand working in multi-dimensions and how it benefits the processes.



Level II: Accessing Sacred Geometry Grid Point Healing Techniques


  •  Increased psychic and intuitive abilities.
  •  Self-healings and performing healings on others, including plants and animals.
  •  Body scanning to begin learning and sharpening your medical intuition.
  •  Body energetic systems, how they work, what affects them, and how they inter-connect and work with and affect each other.
  • Locating and recognizing past life and karmic issues affecting a person's life today.
  • Utilizing specific sacred geometry shapes in the healing and manifesting process.
  • Working with multi-dimensional energetic fields, connecting with Universal grids.

Involves both lecture and  hands on training working one on one and in small groups to ensure the process is understood.


Some Common Benefits Reported with Light Activation Healing Sessions:

  • Higher awareness, Deeper spiritual connection, Expansion of consciousness
  • Heightened intuition and psychic abilities
  • Sense of deep inner peace and harmony
  • Increased energy, vitality and Cellular memory clearing and upgrade
  • Body, mind and Spirit - Detoxification
  • Physical healings at many levels and of all types
  • Resolution or assistance with mental health disorders such as depression, bi-polar and more
  • Assistance in understanding your personal path and clarity on next steps and achieving your goals


Level III: DNA Reactivation

Level III is the DNA Reactivation technique.  Following the Light Activation Healing sessions and the activation of energetic bodies have taken place, DNA Reactivation takes healing to an even higher level.  In this level we are working on cultural, family line, past lifes, trauma and deeper physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.

  •   LAH photo 4 Access DNA Reactivation higher healing frequencies.
  • Delving deeper into cellular structure identifying deeply rooted issues and weakened DNA strands.
  • Identifying and understanding limiting beliefs that are currently standing in one's way, where a person holds them, why they are there, and how to work in resolving them.
  • Strengthening, upgrading, and increasing DNA strand with color light frequency work to create profound changes in lives.


Some Common Benefits Reported with DNA Reactivation Sessions:

  • All of the benefits listed under Light Activation Healing Sessions
  • Realization of need to focus on a healthier lifestyle
  • Increased understanding of life purpose
  • Release of fear based emotions and limiting beliefs
  • Finding resolution in issues such as relationships and partnerships
  • Higher understanding in areas of difficulty, with a sense of objectivity and increased perception
  • Resolution in healing and/or shifting family conflict, genetic beliefs, illness, and dis-ease
  • Decrease or elimination of prescription drugs
  • Partial or complete healing of all types of health issues and dis-ease
  • Ability to access deeper trust, faith, and unconditional love of self and others.
  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Remembering who you are, as a light being and as One

Note: Keep in mind these are benefits that have been reported, however, cannot be guaranteed. Each client’s ability to heal depends on their openness to receiving the healing, and what the body can handle at the time.


Level IV:   Light Activation Healing System® MASTERY

Pre-Requisite:  Levels I - III

Bring out the healing master within you!  Now that you learned the techniques for Light Activation Healing and DNA Reactivation sessions, are you ready to take your abilities to higher levels of intuition and expand and deepen your understanding and ability to access Medical Intuition.

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  • Advanced Light Activation Theory Information.
  • Advanced clairvoyance training.
  • Advanced psychic and intuitive training.
  • Advanced self-healings and performing them others, including plants and animals.
  • Advanced medical intuition body scanning, detections, and communicating with the body.
  • In-depth study of inter-connectedness of the Universe.
  • Learning about your personal spiritual team.
  • Work with the "mainframe system" of high technology located within the crystal realms of inner earth, and be taught how to access and receive information.
  • Understand the multi-dimensions and how they work together.
  • Resolution of repetitious trauma, personal limits, past life, karma, etc. in one easy step.
  • Spot healings, and seeing the paths of entry that cause the dis-ease or illness.
  • Global and cultural healings.
  • Group, Planetary and Universal healings.
  • Bone manipulation.
  • Harmonization and frequency balancing in areas of life that are out of alignment.
  • Accessing this information and discovering how to maximize all areas of Light Activation and DNA Reactivation Sessions takes your healing abilities to maximum levels.


Teachers Training:  Light Activation Healing System® Levels I - III

Pre-Requistes:  Levels I - IV

Learn to tools to teach Light Activation Healing System® Levels I - III, by becoming a Light Activation Healing System® Teacher. This course is only for the serious committed practitioner that is ready to step up to teachers level in taking this amazing modality to the world. It is imperative that this healing system is taught only in the highest integrity, and only those that complete all the requirements will receive certification to become a fully qualified Light Activation Healing System® Teacher.

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  • Work hand-in-hand with our spiritual teams, and those of your students in leading them through the courses.
  • Learn to teach others Light Activation and DNA Reactivation, both expanded and intensive styles.
  • Step-by-step process of how to cover the material.
  • Tips on working with a variety of students to ensure everyone grasps the techniques.
  • Information on how to observe your class in general and students individually to know where more attention is required.
  • How to set-up classes, and all aspects that go into advertising, preparing, and running the courses.
  • Tips for healing nights, expos and fairs.
  • The complete understanding of both how to do the healing sessions and teach assist in sharpening a practitioner's skills even further.

I welcome any of my Level III graduates that feel guided to take a large step in their spiritual growth, in taking steps to teach this amazing healing modality. The best way to become a "master" at Light Activation Healing System®, is to teach it! I look forward to seeing you step up to your calling. I am proud to have you standing by my side as one of my teachers, spreading this amazing modality across the world!


Specialist Level:  Alchemist ~ Multi & Inter Dimensional Ascension Alchemy

Pre-Requisite:  Prefer Levels I-IV + Teachers Training, but considers all over Level IV through an Acceptance Process

The Alchemist Level is deep Ancient, Esoteric and Alchemical Training that consists of 7 extremely detailed Modules.  Each module is in-depth and goes beyond any training we are aware of.  If you are ready to dive into 'universes deep and beyond time and space' this could be for you.


LAH Photo 7


This training will change the way you perceive, interpret, align and connect with your worldly and outer-worldly and universal every day experiences.   We wouldn't ever call this a secret society, but we will call it a specialized extraordinary society that will only be offered to those able to work at this levels.  We prefer to keep the details of the modules only available to those who will be participating in this high expertise of training and skill.  An acceptance process is necessary and upon acceptance you will be given details on module inclusions.


The 7 Module Overview:

  • Light Activation ATLANTEAN
  • Light Activation ANCIENT INCAN
  • Light Activation ANCIENT MAYAN
  • Light Activation ANCIENT EGYPT
  • Light Activation GALACTIC
  • Light Activation SACRED GEOMETRY
  • Light Activation CREATOR

This training includes 8 day course training + additional distance training to ensure the concepts, techniques and culture of the Alchemist level.

An separate Extension Training is available for those who wish to take their skill to higher levels.


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Light Activation Healing System® Training Schedule


Practitioner Levels I - III:  July 9 - 12, 2018 - Pleasant Hill, California:

            Fee ONLY:  $1111 includes Course, Manuals and Daily Healing Sessions


Practitioner Level IV - Mastery:  July 13 - 16, 2018 - Pleasant Hill, California:

           Fee ONLY: $1888 includes, Course, Manual and Daily Healing Sessions


Practitioner Level IV - Mastery WEBINAR Recording  with Supplemented Live Training Available:

Contact Us to Arrange Scheduling Upon Availability - Fee:  $1888 includes Course, Manuals & Healing Sessions


Teachers Training for Practitioner Levels I - III July 17 - 20, 2018 - Pleasant Hill, California:

        Fee ONLY: $2222 includes Course, Manual and Practicum


Teachers Training for Practitioner Levels I - III WEBINAR Recording  with Supplemented Live Training Available:

Contact Us to Arrange Scheduling Upon Availability - Fee:  $2222 includes Course, Manuals & Practicum


Specialist Level:  Alchemist - September 13 - 19, 2018 - Daytona Beach, Florida:

Fee $4444 (Application Process Required) includes Course, Manuals and Practicum


Each Course Offered ONLY Once Per Year!  Sign Up Now!

Levels I - III


July 9 - 12, 2018

Level IV


July 13 - 16, 2018

Level IV


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Teachers Certification


July 17 - 20, 2018

Teachers Certification Webinar


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Alchemist Specialist


Sept 13 - 19, 2018

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