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Intuitive Readings, Soul Path Readings & ThetaHealing®



Various Reading Types Below


Intuitive Reading and Healing Sessions:

  • Do you have pressing questions?
  • Looking for detailed guidance, clarity and solutions?
  • Would you like to work on issues around relationships, manifesting, healing, or a big problem you can't figure out?

Tapping into my strong intuition I share Divine guidance to assist you in any area of your life.

Come receive your messages that help release worry, overwhelm and distress.

Ask and you are guided. Get the answers you seek.


Working with my intuitive and healing abilities I  receive understanding on current blocks and beliefs that are standing in your way of clarity, problem solving, moving forward, feeling whole, secure, and happy.   I assist with issues large or small.  If you feel like you could use clear direction, guidance, solutions and resolution these sessions may be your prayers answered.

Cindy has found one of her passions is to assist others in releasing what stands in their way of true happiness. Through the process, clients are finding they can finally move towards the life they desire. When working through core issues found at a soul level, other areas in life seem to begin falling into place. Quick fixes are never fully efficient in to resolving deep rooted issues that hold people back.

Intuitive Readings

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Please Note:  

Intuitive Reading Sessions ARE NOT considered Psychic Readings. Please read the following to know what the difference is in these sessions:

What is the difference between "Psychic Readings" and Intuitive Readings?

Psychic readings are usually based on facts, events, timelines, predictions, etc. Intuitive readings are spiritual messages from the angels, ascended masters, and guides that help people receive Divine guidance on how to live more according to their higher purpose, to be true to themselves.

When dealing with the "when" and/or "time" issues, it is important to point out that the "when" and/or "time" factor depends on how much effort a person is willing to put into achieving the guided outcome, and how big the changes have to be to create the outcome. Keeping in mind, everyone has their own FREE WILL and the choices made by an individual will affect the outcome of the situation.

Intuitive Divine Guidance helps us co-create our world for our highest good.  Co-creation implies that we have to make some effort ourselves, and act on our inner wisdom and the guidance we receive the information given. Beyond the earthly plane, when working with our Higher Power and your angels, ascended masters, and guides, time is not linear - so time doesn't mean the same thing to the angels as it does to us.

Example Questions: What is the name of my soul mate? What will my father leave me when he passes away? What is Julie doing when she isn't with me?

There is nothing wrong with some of these questions, however, the direct question will not be the focus. The focus will be on why the clients hasn't yet attracted or resolved an issue, and what the client has to work on in moving forward in receiving the results they desire. It isn't always about the "when and how" but also the client's participation in the "why" it hasn't happened yet! Sometimes people just want to know the answers to questions, a quick fix, however, they are not always willing to work on the core issues that keep them from bringing to themselves, for example a "soul mate."

It is important that we all begin to look within and deal with blocks we have taken on that are standing in the way of living life to its fullest. Once the blocks are identified all other areas seem to begin falling into place - thus, the "soul mate" comes into view.


Soul Path Destiny Readings:

soul readings with cindy eyler


These are detailed readings that are 90 minutes in length.  During these sessions you will learn about your soul's path destiny, which will include:

  • information on your life purpose
  • life destiny and embracing your mission
  • your soul birth numbers and what that means for you
  • which angels are working with you
  • who your guides are
  • intuitive guidance for clarity and direction
  • your next steps forward
  • questions you may have will be addressed

Then we will do healing on any blocks, limitations and fears that you may have in your body, mind or energy.  This assists in releasing what is in the way of your getting on your path and finally living it.

These in-depth readings and healings are comprehensive and will help you in more ways then you can imagine.

Are you ready for a large positive shift in your life right now?  This is your chance!

Soul Path Destiny Reading

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Theta Practitioner Teacher


Cindy is an Advanced ThetaHealing® Practitioner and Basic and Advanced ThetaHealing® Teacher. 

ThetaHealing® can help with MANY different aspects in your life. Some examples are:

  • Do you feel like you KNOW something is standing in your way of reaching your goals or bringing your manifestations into view, but can't put your finger on it?
  • Are you frustrated because you hear that you can ultimately have everything you dream of, yet can't seem to figure out how?
  • Do you find it hard to attract your desired soul mate, twin flame, career, happiness, financial security, joy, security, or anything else into your life?
  • Are you tired of fighting sickness or have health issues you would like to resolve?

ThetaHealing® Sessions can assist with all of these issues and more.

Other areas that can be worked on with ThetaHealing® Sessions:

  •         Identify and Remove Core Issues that may stand in the way of achieving what you want in life
  •         Release of negative beliefs, resentments
  •         Manifesting all your desires
  •         Profound Healings have taken place with this technique including, but not limited to:
  •     Fears, anxiety, phobias, depression, cancer, diabetes, thyroid, allergies, heart disease, AIDs, and many more diseases, illnesses, or health issues.
  •         Balanced state of body, mind, and soul
  •         Weight loss
  •         Physical challenges
  •         Broken Soul Repair
  •         Baby in the Womb Stabilizing (for women that are currently pregnant AND for EVERYONE else!)
  •         Virtually all areas can be addressed with Thetahealing® techniques

These sessions are priceless, and can bring healing to all areas in your life faster than many other techniques. Each client and type of session is different, so one session may be enough, or several sessions may have to take place. It all depends on the situation and beliefs each person has embedded within themselves.

Thetahealing Sessions

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Important Waiver on ANY Service Offerings
These sessions or services mentioned throughout this website are not intended to replace seeking services medical, psychological or counseling from a licensed physician, psychiatrist or counselor. Sessions and training is not intended to diagnose or replace medical, psychological or counseling treatment or therapy. Further, just as a physician cannot guarantee specific results, neither can I. All results depend on each client's ability to work with the process effectively.