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Breakthrough Success Coaching & Mentoring


epic breakthrough with Cindy Eyler


Breakthroughs can happen all the time when you know how to create them!


YOUR life, Your dream, Your path...

Possibilities become Realities when you
Get Serious & Go For It!


Breakthrough results you can expect, but not limited to:

  • Life flows so much easier with clarity and direction
  • You are in charge of your day and the way you choose live it
  • Discover new ways to experience life with more discovery and fun
  • Ability to pass obstacles and jump to the next level when you want
  • More freedom, fulfillment, happiness, inner-peace, joy -- you know all those cool good feeling emotions
  • Soul Mate, companionship, loving relationships or anything having to do with the topic of L-O-V-E (yummy!)
  • Career, new business venture or revamping your business
  • More success, money, travel...  what do you want? We can go for anything you are ready for!


YOU name it and we’ll get busy claimin’ it!


Should you work with me?

I want to be 100% upfront with my main goal for you:  My plan is to see you succeed!

If you don’t succeed, I don’t succeed, and ya know what?  I only want clients that ready to get what they want.

I am certain that with both of us fully participating in the process that you can succeed.

So if you are really ready, so am I, and I’d like to be the one that “takes you there.” Because I can!


Who should NOT work with me?

If you are not 100% in it to win it, this program is not for you.

You either want it or you don’t.  No one is here to waste anyone's time.

This program is purely about success breakthroughs!


Whether you are a natural go-getter or feel held back by fear -- 

we all know ~ what you put into it will determine the level of success you attain.

In my experience my clients are happy to invest in solutions that bring real results.

You can experience changes quickly if you are willing to commit to the program and process.

Investing in your Life is the BEST decision ever!


You Can Expect:

  • Clarity on what you want:  success, business goals/direction, love, money, health or lifestyle change... I can help you with anything.
  • Identifying your blocks, beliefs and mindsets that are sabotaging or holding you back.
  • Strategize to release what is not working and get you on track with what does work.
  • Leverage your talents, unleash more creativity then you thought you had and inspire you into exciting action.
  • Progressively gain momentum and escalate into breakthroughs that surpass what you thought possible.


Make Your Next Breakthrough Your BEST Breakthrough!

Ride Your Cutting-edge,

Live Your Extraordinary Dream Every Day!


My Gifts ~ Create Your Miracles:

I am a highly experienced intuitive, and gifted with both life and business savvy aptitudes...

I know how to see “where you are” and “take you where you want to be,” using methods and strategies that are unique to you, and to your personal situation and desires.

I am a Master at formulating a distinct plan for you, and delivering it at the perfect speed and expertise that will work for you.

Most of my clients continue to work with me once they get a taste of my flare that guides them to their successes.


Our goal is to maximize our sessions and support your needs for
your most beneficial outcome!


Let's Get Started:

Step 1:   Initial Consultation to discuss your thoughts, desires and ensure we are a good fit the Program.

Initial Consultations: Free - 30 minutes by phone or skype

Schedule Your FREE Initial Consultation now!


Step 2:   Understand the Program Details

  • Bi-weekly Comprehensive 90 minute sessions for Life Acceleration ~ via Skype or phone,
    • scanning your energy to detect blocks or issues
    • identify what causes these blocks and how to release them
    • discuss on any current challenges you are experiencing
    • answer any pressing questions to help you forward
    • and then the rest of the session we will work with specific techniques to create a shift and set your alignment on track with detailed guidance to follow to enhance your results forward.

There is a lot more to this -- you will have to experience a session with me to fully grasp the depths work in and the amazing shifts you will experience during our time together.  I truly am a transformational alchemist and you will understand that concept after only one session with me.

  • Receive an Audio Recording of Each Session
  • Email Support In-between Weekly Sessions


Step 3:   Invest in Your Program  and  ~ Make It Happen ~


Program Options:

By submitting payment you acknowledge and agree to the terms: ALL SALES FINAL




3 Month Program


All Sales Final



Accelerated Program Options!


1)  Power Session:  A 90 Minute Session for Laser Focus on What Important Steps are Needed Now!  

Get a bang for your buck and get set and running quick!  We will focus on the things that will help you most right now and get you moving to your 1st goals.  Includes 1 follow up email.


2)  VIP Way:  11 Hours to GET IT DONE!

Cut to the chase.  Work out all the details and get your Plan of Action for real RESULTS!  11 hours spread over 2 days.  Includes 2 emails/week assistance for 3 months after your VIP Day to answer any questions from the work we discussed during your VIP Day.


2) Ultimate VIP 2-Day Retreat

Choose the Ultimate VIP Signature Experience.  One-on-One time with me in person to receive a personalized delivery of services created for your situation.  During our time together we can move through things deeply in a more focused and impactful way.  An experience that will move you body, mind and spirit, for you highest outcomes possible.  Includes 2 follow up emails.  We agree upon location and dates. Travel/accommodation costs negotiable depending on location and costs associated.

Accelerated Program Rates:

By submitting payment you acknowledge and agree to the terms: ALL SALES FINAL


Power Session


90 Minutes: Most Important Next Steps



All Sales Final


Ready to soar to your next summit?   

I Am Ready!