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Consider me Your Personal Transformational Alchemist

Assisting you in opening and exploring your personal treasure chest of possibilities that expand your life beyond what you imagine.

I have the Midas touch when it comes to helping you to your ultimate outcomes and desired lifestyle, and creating your dreams into your reality.

♦ Living an exciting life already or are you ready to "go there"?

♦ Soul mate, Loving and Harmonious Relationships?

♦ Higher Health and Well-being?

♦ More Money?

♦ Better Career?

♦ and even BETTER ~ How about a Complete Well-rounded, all-inclusive Life of Your Dreams ~ You Can Have It ALL!

Once we identify what you want, I can uncover and pinpoint exactly what is in the way, and begin taking you through a Freeing and Uplifting Process to release the old and empower you into the new.  With each session you will receive new insight and guidance to assist you to the next level and you will be in the process of re-creating and upgrading your life experience.


What you are willing to put into your life
will determine what you get out of life...

Investing in your well-being is the best priority
you could choose for yourself!

Personal Service Offerings:

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Light Activation Healing System® & DNA Reactivations: 

Light Activation Banner2

Are you ready to embrace your life and travel the road of life mastery?  Besides working on moving out blocks and resolving issues, you will be guided in how to perceive and respond to life in a way that will keep your life flowing, achieving real results and keep your life aligned with all the great feelings and things you really desire.  Would you ready to experience feeling fulfilled and connected with yourself and your world?  Take the world in your hands and mold it to suit you and finally recognize your needs and desires met.  Release all that no longer serves you, and replenish and revitalize your body, mind, and soul. This may be exactly what your body thirsts for! Whether you are healthy or experiencing illness, Light Activation works wonders.

For More Info Click:  Light Activation Healing System®


Breakthrough Success Coaching & Mentoring Program: 

Success Breakthrough Programs with Cindy Eyler

Invest in your next Breakthrough!   Go ahead ~ reach your ultimate goals and dreams. Clarity on what you want: success, business goals/direction, love, money, health or lifestyle change... I can help you with anything.
Identifying your blocks, beliefs and mindsets that are sabotaging or holding you back.

For More Info Click:  Breakthrough Success Coaching & Mentoring Programs


Cindy's Insiders Club ~ Worldwide Webinar:

Engage with Positive Like-minded People via Webinar

Meeting twice a month to:

√  strengthen your inner peace, trust and faith in a process that leads to the highest outcomes.

√  notice tangible results of your manifestations that occur more regularly with much more ease.

√  feel empowered and inspired as we share our stories of success, wonder and amazement.

√  truly learn to be the best you can be at creating anything you really want in life.

Each session teaches you to live more “normally and naturally” from your heart rather than you head space.  The quality of your life will experience enhanced and fulfilling results, as you commit to these monthly sessions.

For More Info Click:  Worldwide Webinar


Intuitive Readings and Healing Sessions:


Do you have pressing questions?  Looking for detailed guidance, clarity and solutions?  Would you like to work on issues around relationships, manifesting, healing, or a big problem you can't figure out?  Tapping into my strong intuition I share Divine guidance to assist you in any area of your life?  Come receive your messages that help release worry, overwhelm and distress.  Ask and you are guided.  Get the answers you seek.

For More Info Click:  Intuitive Reading and Healing Sessions



ThetaHealing Session


ThetaHealing® Sessions are similar to counseling sessions.  We will work together step by step to discuss issues and 'dig' to find blocks until we reach the core issues.  As we are going through the steps we will work at releasing damaging or limited beliefs and channel in God's perspective of higher belief programs that will support your life.

For More Info Click: ThetaHealing® Sessions





Important Waiver on ANY Service Offerings  

These sessions or services mentioned throughout this website are not intended to replace seeking services medical, psychological or counseling from a licensed physician, psychiatrist or counselor. Sessions and training is not intended to diagnose or replace medical, psychological or counseling treatment or therapy.  

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