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Advanced Cosmic Energy Mastery Webinars


Cindy's Insiders Club

ONLY for True Spiritual Adventurers!

Accelerated Healing, Shifting, Manifesting & Ascension Alchemy!

We help you manifest your largest dreams and desires!

Engage with Positive Like-minded People
Engage with Positive Like-minded People

Enjoy new


from the 

comfort of your home.

Shed fears and limitations.

Feel a lot more 

happiness, confidence,

inspiration and motivation

that strengthens

with each webinar.


Learn the tools to keep moving to new levels

and reach your goals!


Live your dreams, because you can!

manifesting webinar with cindy eyler
Learn to Manifest Your Best!



Meeting twice a month to:

√  strengthen your inner peace, trust and faith in a process that leads to the highest outcomes.

√  notice tangible results of your manifestations that occur more regularly with much more ease. 

√  feel empowered and inspired as we share our stories of success, wonder and amazement.

√  truly learn to be the best you can be at creating anything you really want in life.

Each session teaches you to live more "normally and naturally" from your heart rather than you head space.  The quality of your life will experience enhanced and fulfilling results, as you commit to these monthly sessions.


Expand your consciousness and realize the creator that you are...

this is the level of life worth living!


Below is a sample of one of our webinars.  

Each webinar is unique and different.  

You will always learn new,

powerful methods to stay aligned with living your best life.  


The bigger you dream, the more you receive!


Scroll to: 8:40 to start the webinar portion:

Get started now... MORE of your life is waiting for YOU!


These sessions are life-enhancing and the benefits can be beyond what you can possibly imagine.  Give yourself the gift to experience this deeply enriching transformation.  Participate and allow your life to bloom into amazing.


Frequency:  Twice Monthly via Online Webinar

Dates:  Every 1st and 3rd Monday's of the month

Time:  6:30 - 8:30 PM PST - Check for Your: Local Time

Location:    Via Live Webinar.     Webinars are recorded if you are unable to join live or want to re-listen to the session.  Webinar Registration Information sent with paid registration.

Fee:   Must register for at least 3 months at a time:  Only $288 for 3 Months

Special Rate:   Register for 6 months (reg. $576) and receive the package for $522. (Save $54.00)

Best Value Rate:  Register for 12 months (reg. $1152) and receive the package for $955 (Save $197 - over 2 months FREE)

New Friend Special:   Sign up with a friend (either you or your friend must be new to Cindy's client base) and:

-  for the 6 month package and you both receive $100/off each enrollment   -or-

-  for the 12 month package you both receive $200/off each enrollment

Please contact us to receive a special invoice for this sign up offer


Registration must be received prior to the 1st Session.  All Sales Final - No Exceptions.

Insiders Club Webinar

288. ($96/month)

3 Months (6 Sessions)

All Sales Final

Please Contact Us of Payments Made to Receive Confirmation of Receipt


I always look forward to these awesome webinars!
I always look forward to these awesome webinars!