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Manifesting Breakthroughs Level 2: Self-Mastery & Manifesting

Welcome to Level 2 of our 40 Day Manifesting Breakthroughs Video eCourse!

On Day 40 of the 1st eCourse we finished with:

I AM That, I AM...

and here is the beginning of our next journey....


take your life path


into your Self-Mastery!


thrive in life



This Level 2 eCourse is going to blow your mind, in a good way of course!

Together we will travel where you may not have been led before.

If you have, most likely you have only danced on the edges of what

we explore and experience as you learn your Self-Mastery & Manifesting.


Butterfly shifting


There will be days I stretch your consciousness so far

you'll have to ponder the lessons a while to get a grasp of the concepts.

In some cases you may not get it all the way or -- it might click.


Be amazed at the instant shift and alignment to

higher consciousness realized...

shift in manifesting with cindy eyler

Be astonished, enlightened and illuminated

often during our next 40 days!


Level 2:  Self-Mastery & Manifesting

will rock your world right into accelerated ascension!


Manifesting with more

Power, Exhilaration and Elation then Ever before!

self-mastery & manifesting with cindy eyler

Self-Mastery is Mastering Your Inner & Outer Universe!

You have never seen this amount of high level teaching in one place.


If you thought the original: 40 Day Manifesting Breakthroughs Video eCourse

was in-depth and all encompassing, this next level is times 1 million - amazed yet?

You know me enough by now to know I keep my word and only speak truth - that's all!


manifesting special deals



Your Gift of In-depth Knowledge

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Get Instant Access to Your Incredible Experience Now:




I look forward to "taking your there" in ways you never imagined possible!

Click here for details on the Level 1:  40 Day Manifesting Breakthroughs Video eCourse

Thank you!