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Live Your Genius Success Mentoring


"How you do anything is how you do everything."  -T. Harv Eker

You have spent endless hours dreaming, thinking and

even trying to pursue your success...

Sometimes you are sure you have the answer.

You try this and that hoping and probably even praying,

but here you are right now still not getting your results.  Right?


How many more years are you willing to stay the same?

Daunting thought, yes?


There are 5 kinds of blocks people buy into:

1.  "I can't afford it"  -keep making the decision to stay stuck

2.  "I can afford it"  -make excuses for not taking action

3.  "I don't have time"  -more time gets away, frustration mounts

4.  "I'll figure it out myself"  -doesn't really have the answers

5.   "I don't invest in helping myself"  -ends up staying the same



How much is it really costing you to stay the same?


I'll say it again:

"How you do anything is how you do everything."  -T. Harv Eker

The truth is, if you are falling short in one area of your life,

you are falling short in every area of your life.


A decision today can change everything!

From 1 - 10 how committed are you to

your life and success?



How would it feel to have your answers and

the roadmap to get you there?




Live Your Genius Success Mentoring

Your Personal Guide to Succeed ~ All-inclusively!

I help open-minded go-getters like you, uncover your -real- genius, gain clarity on how to build it into your current situation and move forward with the tools and confidence to prosper in your lifestyle being uniquely you.  How cool is that?

Living in your genius-zone as a way of life is the ONLY way you will feel successful, happy, fulfilled and abundant on a daily basis.  That's a fact.  A mix of exhilaration and serenity --- imagine.


If you could live this way,

what would this mean for you and your life?


Let's break it down:


6 Month Step-by-Step Live Your Genius Success Group Mentoring Program:

Each month builds on the next month, but you will start seeing changes within the first month!


Personal Assessment:  

The personal assessment will involve and overview of where you are and where you would rather be.  

  • Look at your current situation as a whole
  • Begin breaking it down and see where there are holes and pitfalls that need to be addressed.
  • Diving deeper into our work together we gather and formulate specific details to create the foundational basis of your success plan.


Alignment Development:

In the alignment development phase we begin putting everything into motion.  

  • Sorting through what has worked, what has not worked.
  • Finding out how you might have embedded blocks and beliefs that have hindered your progress
  • Start shifting by discovering, clearing and releasing anything in the way on all-inclusive levels
  • Align much more fully with your Success Plan, intentions and focus
  • Begin activating the connection with your desires into your life, now


Understanding Your Genius-Zone:  

In understanding your genius-zone we will leap into the most powerful portion of not only this mentoring program, but more importantly, YOUR LIFE!  

This is the creme de la creme!  It's all about YOU, baby!

  • What is your genius-zone?  It is not your gift in the world, it is your genius - these are 2 different things
  • Pinpointing your genius step by step process (this takes time and a lot of contemplation it's not just a worksheet!)
  • Experiment with your genius-zone to make sure you really found it
  • Continue to refine what your genius-zone is and what it means in your life
  • How to live your genius-zone in everything you are and do in your life


The Re-Alignment: 

As the momentum builds and major shifts are taking place it's time to re-align with where you are at this new point of being.

  • Upgraded your Success Plan
  • Blueprint it into your Energetic and Physical Imprint so it becomes a natural part of you
  • Sets yourself on a much clearer path with purpose and driven focus forward
  • Ready, Set, Let's Go for the Goal! 


Time to Do It the Right Way, Your Way: 

It's time to get completely on target and get it done.

  • You have the plan and you are working on it at much higher levels now
  • Learn to expand time to fit everything into your life with ease
  • Learn to expand money and resources so that is taken care of
  • Get out there and get it done with the confidence and tools to succeed.


Wrap it Up:  

In the wrapt it up phase we address any loose strings.  It's catch all time to make sure no stones are left unturned.

  • Identify any areas of weak links you are experiencing 
  • Receive any breakthrough mentoring that you may feel is needed
  • Belief downloads as needed to bust through any remaining barriers
  • Opportunity to take your mentorship to higher levels



This integrated solution to life and success

saves you time, money and

gets you busting through your blocks and

moving forward with

momentum, determination and courage.

Ready to resolve problems more rapidly?

Yes, is the answer!




This program is being offered at an Introductory Rate in 2017.  After we complete this first round of mentoring, the investment will be much higher.  If you are interested is making things happen for yourself, then there is no better time like the present for your life and at this level of invested cost.  


Excuses will get you no-where.

Decisions to take action get you there.

What do you really want?

Stop struggling already.

Help is here...


Can you really allow this one to slip through your fingers?

Luxury, NOT!

Feel into this as a Necessity, YES!


How is this group program delivered?

Where:   Online via Zoom:  you have the ability to attend live or if you cannot make it the sessions will be recorded.  You will also be able to interact with myself and others through out the program.

When:    We meet twice a month for 2 hours

Support:   You will have access to a private Facebook group to ask questions, receive support and assistance through out the program.  You do not have to do this alone.

Length of Program:  6 months

Start Date:   July 6th  - we meet 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month

Time:           5:30 - 7:30 PM Pacific Time




Group Program 1-time Offering ONLY:  $497 --- say what??!!!  -- I know... way affordable!  Just call me crazy.


Payment terms:

In Full:  $497 and Receive a Bonus:  45 minute Private Breakthrough Session with me when you need it most (during the program)


Payment Plan:  $88 monthly due the 15th of each month

Let's Do This Now!



NOTE:  The Payment Plan is by Pre-Approval Only.  

Must be in good standing with working with me personally.

Looking forward to working with you in this

beautiful ~ 6 month Live Your Genius Program!