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How to KISS:  7 Easy Daily Steps to Achieve Your Dreams

How to KISS: 7 Easy Daily Steps to Achieve Your Dreams

I like to *KISS*, and in this segment, I'm going to show you how!

First off, how’s your week been?

I hope you’ve jumped into last week’s topic  “10 Easy Steps to Get What You Want!”

My mind magically clicked open and my creativity jolted into gear!

The ideas were flowing and constant... dreaming big is exciting, isn’t it?

Anyway, today I want to teach you how to KISS and Make Your Day!

I like to KISS *wink wink* ---> *Keep it Simple Sweety*

This is key in keeping your energy tapped into the creating process and ON target!  Yeeeaaahhh, baaby!

So listen up... I want you to pick up what I’m puttin’ down 🙂

Taaa Daaa... check it out... the unveiling of the

KISS: "Make Your Day!" Sheet...

---> Right Click Image to *Download* and Print your copy out now <---

Then follow along with the instructions below.

KISS: Make Your Day! Sheet


KISS: "Make Your Day!": 7 Easy Daily Steps to Achieve Your Dreams 


Let's take Each Section One at a Time:

1)  Date:  Today's Date makes it real!

2)  Reminder:  Anything you absolutely need to remember, even if it is: Go for a walk! Write down at least ONE reminder that you absolutely have to remember and commit to doing it that day.

3)  To Do ASAP:  This is what you want to accomplish TODAY. So don’t put too many things, and make sure they are small do-able steps that you can check off your list through out the day -- it feels sooo dang good!

Remember, the tiniest steps are as progressive and important as the huge steps.  This is a truth.  Whether you are tip-toeing or leaping-large, you are making movement. When you move the Universe moves with you... and that is how the Universe can so perfectly orchestrate the most amazing way of delievering your dreams. This is a big deal and you must totally ‘get’ this concept.  This is actually the most beautiful part of the journey.

4)  Back Burner:  These are things you have to do very soon, but not necessarily today.  Putting things on the back burner to stew a bit is always a way of sharing with the Universe what it can start working on to help you, prior to you working on it.  That means, when you enter it on your #3, that it is actually already been simmering and now you just have to jump in and get it to the boiling point... badda bing!

5)  I feel ______________.  I want to feel ________________.   Ooooo this one is important, indeed!  Maybe you’re feelin’ fantastic and want to feel ecstatic... or maybe you’re feeling like an old flat tire and well, that probably isn’t the best feeling for swimming in juicy creations and joyful flow.  So state it and change it!  I feel like an old flat tire.  I want to feel energized and motivated!

By -deciding- you want to feel better and claiming it, by stating it, you are actually shifting your energy real-time to what you want to feel.  This is so simple and it works!  *KISS KISS KISS*

6)  I am Grateful for _____________.   Write at least 3-5 things you are grateful for.  Make each day’s list different from the prior day.

This is also an instant mood enhancer.  And, remember, being grateful for good and seemingly bad, is important... because, the “bad” is always the stuff that is laced with blessings that are nudging us even closer to our dreams and goals.  Every situation is helping us.  The "bad" ones are actually more powerfully helping us, so be grateful for all of it!  By the way, have you checked out my YouTube channel?  There are a lot of videos on this stuff that are very helpful!

7)  Affirmation:  Write 1 or 2 affirmations that you must remember through out the day.  Say them as often as you remember, and make sure you say them again before going to bed.  Affirmations are positively aligning.

Remember, affirmations are always written/spoken in 1st person positive statements. They always start with one of these:


I am __________
  • I can _________
  • I have ________
  • My life is ________
  • Everything is _______
  • I (action verb) i.e., I love, I jump, I leap, I run, I move, I engage, etc.

News Flash ---> Do NOT use words like, “I will” or “I am going to” or “When I” --- because, these words keep things in the future and so it will always be in your future. You want it all in the present NOW.

Now that you decided on your 7 Steps... chop chop and get movin’ and groovin’ my friend! Get those To Do’s checked off for the day!

So let's get real here.  You know there are always going to be up and down days.  These daily 7 Steps each day will keep you going through easy or challenging days. By using this tool you are making your -daily decision- to make the best of where you ‘are’ and to keep moving towards your dreams. So use it! 😉

Taking small action steps towards your dreams really does get you ‘there!’ It is up to you to make or break your pace. Remembering, persistence pays off!  If you really want it, you have to keep going for it!

Remember:  Inspired Actions are what really 'move you' in

making your dreams, your reality!

Now, let's share!  Meet me in the *Comment Section* below and share your favorite affirmation with me.  I love affirmations.  They are instant picker-uppers, and inspire you into action... so please join the KISS party and share below!

Next week I am going to tell you "How to Open Your Life to Multiple Streams of Income" --- Ohhh yeah!!  So watch your In-box for the next awesome topic!

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12 Responses to How to KISS: 7 Easy Daily Steps to Achieve Your Dreams

  1. Hey everyone! I’d love to start this Affirmation Train with a few of my personal favorites:

    Feel Free to Tweet these babes!!

    – Every person and situation is a golden link in the chain of all my good. The Universe has my back, 24/7 and is always lining me up with my good. 🙂 good one, eh?!!

    – Some how, some way, things ALWAYS work out. They just do!

    – Let it go, to let it IN!

    Oh, and I heard Louise Hay say this one the other day and I just LOVE it:

    All is well. Everything is working out for my highest good and out of this situation only good will come, and I am safe. – Louise Hay

    Well… I’m ready to hear some of yours!! Let’s load this page up with affirmations that rock us!!

    love you all!!

  2. Everything always works out. Sometimes not exactly how you expect it, but it always works out and often BETTER than what you hoped for!!!

  3. Yay! after 3 days on day one, I have graduated to day 2! I am excited to move on. I spent 4 hours working with the information from day one and feel confident that I am now able to incorporate the huge amount of knowledge given to us. Love to all, Kristi xo

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