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India, Manifesting and Are You Driving Your Life?

India, Manifesting and Are You Driving Your Life?

I've just returned from a whirlwind trip in India...

Cindy Eyler Indian Sarees

A completely unexpected manifestation that flew in and landed right on my lap!

Barely had time to get my visa, pack and onto the plane, but as you know when it is Divinely orchestrated, things just work.

I surprise myself at how well the manifesting breakthrough techniques deliver my desires with a thought and what seemed like a snap of the fingers...

I said, "Universe I want to travel this year to new places..."

Within 1 month the Universe said, "How about India?"

Now let me be clear... this wasn't like winning a raffle or anything... but manifestations come in all different ways.  Never get stuck on 'how' it may come... just open to the idea of what you desire and leave the 'how' to the Universe.

I was invited as a guest to attend a sacred union and wedding ceremony which took place in a 300 year old palace in Jaipur, India.

Although I was invited to participate and celebrate a beautiful union first and foremost, it still was a manifestation -- as EVERYTHING in life is manifested.  From waking up in the morning, to attracting relationships, having a job, creating money and even a healthy body.  It is what you "put out into the Universe through your thoughts, words, beliefs, feelings and actions" that will determine what comes back.  We live in a Law of Attraction based Universe, and we are creating whether we are conscious about it or not.  I continue to prove that the manifesting techniques I teach, work.

Anyway, India was hugely transforming and exactly what I needed right now, which takes me to the point of this post:

Either you are driving your life or you are not!

As a person who lives consciously on purpose in living the life I was born to live -- I chose to drive...  --you?

How do I do this?

  • Show up for my life every day
  • Set intentions
  • Pay attention daily to my emotions and moods -- adjust as necessary
  • Love and nurture myself by taking care of my well-being and doing at least one thing a day to show it
  • Make sure I am in the flow rather than struggling up stream

---> When you take care of yourself, everything around you starts taking care of itself  <---  Word!  

Try it -- you'll see!

You hold the key that either unlocks or locks your life.

Your life, your choice -- you open that door or you don't.

Be aware!

Are you absorbing the energies around you or if you are creating from your own frequency imprints?

When you take care of you, and create from your own space, rather than allowing external energies affect you, you open to a world of possibilities...

It's up to you to tap into that flow and go with it!

India was an opportunity for me to shed a lot of the old and move forward into new higher frequencies of fulfillment.

Whenever you take a trip out of your element, you receive the gift of the highest growth ever... I am renewed and even more ready to live the life I was born to live!

Cindy Eyler India Cows

I am sure you are ready to experience some of this transformation magic for yourself!

What's it going to take for you to say, "Yes" to your life?

Next Stop:  Sedona, Mt. Shasta and Egypt!  Are you ready to 'drive'?!

If you feel your heart jump, don't wait -- put your 'foot to the gas' and Contact Us!

Sending some heartfelt love and beauty from the Spirit of India!

Now... go out and live the life you were born to live!

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