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I’m Done Trying to Please… I’m Going to be Me!

I’m Done Trying to Please… I’m Going to be Me!

Brace yourself!

Today is a different kind of blog post!


Either you are going to leave my subscriber list...


You're going to cheer me on for being REAL...

Either way, it's your choice!


is it time to move on?

or are you loving what I'm dishing up for you through free video content, meditations and insight?


You see, I'm ready to shift my subscriber list to include:

"Enthusiastic Subscribers who Want to Participate in My Webinars, Services and Spiritual Journeys"

AND who,

"Show me they are interested in what I have to say by occasionally Commenting on my Blog, Youtube Channel Videos and Sharing them with their friends or family"


Yes, this is something that has become very important to me.

Well, it has always been important to me, and

no matter how much I have asked to

Click the Social Media Share Buttons or to Comment on a Blog post

----- I got nothin'!! ... zero... zip... nada... from anyone...

It leaves me feeling lonely and confused.


So today in honor of Full Moon Releasing, I made a decision...

"I'm done trying to please... I'm going to be me!"

... and like I said...

either you'll take a hike


you'll embrace our relationship and decide it is worth staying!


Of course, I'd love you to stay,

but, if you're Just Not Into Me...

hey, Life Happens... It's All Good.

I appreciate your time and grateful for the time we had together... thank you!


All I ever wanted was to: Help You Live Your Best Life xxxxx


Here's the Video... "I'm done trying to please... I'm going to be me!"

I completely respect your decision.

Now... go out and live the life you were born to live!

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12 Responses to I’m Done Trying to Please… I’m Going to be Me!

  1. I came across this quote during a time in my life that you describe in this video “It’s funny how everybody considers honesty a virtue yet no one wants to hear the truth.” You Go Girl 🙂

    • Hi Renee… yes, and also, everyone’s truths are only their own truths, but doesn’t mean it is a truth for anyone else! People need to be concerned about their own lives and get off the back’s of others with their expectations 😉 thanks for taking a moment to share with me today! love <3

  2. Cindy, I appreciate your newsletters and videos when I take time to view them. Apologies if I never posted a comment before. True it should be an exchange of appreciation/energy. I honestly don’t even have a facebook because I’m fine without it or viewing other peoples lives on it. But I have and do appreciate your inspiration, meditations and words of wisdom as it has come my way. You have taught me valuable insight and tools that I use in my life and am reminded of in my journey. So you are forever in my heart. One thing is I am lazy when it comes to writing emails or computer stuff, I usually avoid it, that’s just always been me though (ask my mom..haha) She’s past now. So I just read your blog about Egypt and I am sad about what has been going on with the people. I don’t understand everything in life but I have to believe there is reason. I am out of my comfort zone here posting my opinions or feelings on the web. I would still like to be able to receive your newsletters and read them at my leisure and if I am feeling guided to go on an adventure. I am thinking about the Sedona trip. …sending love and light!

    • Hi Denise <3

      Aww I certainly don't want anyone to feel bad and force anything on anyone either, so don't feel that way!! I understand not everyone is Internet driven. Thanks for letting me know though, that is really kind of you. Appreciate you taking the time! That would be great if you join us in Sedona... maybe you and Mary could do a road trip 🙂 You will LOVE it there!! love you!! xoxox

  3. I love you Cindy. You tell it like it is and straight from the heart. Such truth comes from your posts. People have a choice. They can like it or leave it. Seriously. So many people are just projecting their own fears and issues onto you.

    I value what you have to say, whether of spiritual nature or just plain crazy talk. 😛 And I will be in contact with you soon for a session with my son. Just trying to get some $$ aside for it. 😀 Keep on doing what you’re doing, as I would rather you’d be truly who you are, then some phoney~baloney. Someday will meet ~ I know it in my heart. <3
    Big Hugs!

    • I appreciate you very much!! Thank you for you kind support! I am looking forward to working with your son and meeting you in the future when the timing is perfect! Thank you!

  4. Thank you for your wonderful and attractive sites and the inspiring really uplifting information your providing. I,m very impressed and I feel my frequency,s/Vibration do elevate with just the free comtent. Your authenticity is So evident. When I want to take advantage of service,s you can provide your going to have another client! Keep up please..this significant work as we all benifit your truly beautiful!

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