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i found a slice of heaven and you can too

i found a slice of heaven and you can too

Imagine immersing yourself in an

abundance of pure, fresh energy!

I thought I had landed smack dab into the most

gorgeous, sparkly, treasure chest ever!

Mermaids ~ Talking Plants & Animals ~ Rainbows & Pots of Gold?

It all feels possible here.... read on!


For years I had heard about this

tiny little -- notice I used both, "tiny and little"

island in the Bahamas, called, Bimini.

When I say tiny, I mean tiny...

we literally walked from one end of the island to the

other end one night after enjoying an evening with

out local friends laughing and even

sharing angel messages with them to give them

more hope and faith to keep doing their best in life.

This island is a tiny little jewel in the

middle of the most clean, gorgeous

turquoise blue water you have probably ever seen.



  • swimming in the pure glistening water
  • healings to soothe your body and mind
  • ceremonies with it to purify your energy
  • swimming with the wild dolphins

Are you starting to feel how blissful this must be?


It is!

When I finally decided to visit Bimini

I didn't know what to expect.

It didn't take me long to see that

this is what heaven looks & feels like.

Feasting my eyes on everything around me,

I couldn't deny I felt like

I landed in the

most sparkly, beautiful, pure, energetic, treasure chest

that I have ever felt!


It is so magical that you would expect to see

  • mermaids, 
  • talking plants, animals and
  • rainbows leading to pots of gold!


I actually think of one of the beaches

as a treasure chest, because of the

gorgeous sea glass and shells in abundance.

Why am I describing this slice of heaven with you?

The month of January I offered a Special of my

upcoming Bimini Spiritual Journey...

but listen UP.... because, I have announced

twice this month in my previous newsletters that

I offered newsletter subscribers an additional

Special on top of the January special...

between the 2 specials it drops the rate

OVER $500 smack-o-roos and that is a good deal!

It is the lowest I will ever offer this trip again.

So I am here today to ask you to watch my

short video (below) and

see if you are feeling the nudge to

nurture yourself and

bring your senses alive again!

Be soothed and pampered in nature's bliss...

I always lead a very unique, fun and healing journey.

Everyone loves the experience ~ you will too!

You deserve it... and the offer is here...

But remember some important notes:

  • lowest offer is only through January
  • only 4 more spots available
  • that means, contact me ASAP for your best deal!


Here is the short video:

"Bimini Brightens Your Life"

Don't let this experience get away from you

I am tossing a life-saver out to you...

Ready??? ..... Catch!!!

Oh, and if you'd like to

hear more details about the island and trip

join us for our 1st Online Bimini Journey Meeting

this Sunday!

Contact Me and I'll send you the link!

You can also ask any questions you have

or just listen in... Join Us for the Online Meeting...


Remember, the biggest

Specials are only good

through January <3




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