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Broken & Shaken, I Moved to Egypt

Broken & Shaken, I Moved to Egypt

ugh! sorry! RE: getting personal

I dropped the ball!!!  sorry!!

in my last blog post i told you about

walking out on my life & lover over a hair band... 

do you recall the last post?  it was a few months ago.

i never planned on waiting this long for part 2 of the story, but life happened...


i have stoked the flames and the fire is burning again,

I am ready to continue sharing my story...

I do want to mention this all happened 5 years ago pretty much to-date...

I figured I should let you know this isn't something I'm going through now.

ok.... what happened when I clicked the door shut behind me and

left my home and life as I knew it and never looked back...

I left the story off last time saying... 

I had everything I could have wanted, well, not “everything,” because I left… I left behind a man whom I had an addictively fun, loving and unique relationship with.  Unfortunately, there were also parts of us that weren't traveling in the same direction that eventually tore us apart.However, further to this truth,

I left because I wasn’t loving myself by staying.  

I deserved to be loved deeply, healthy, happy and free from the little nagging demons that were picking away at me from what was happening on the sidelines our relationship that kept me feeling stressed, unworthy and disrespected half the time.

I decided it was time to be true to myself and my life journey.

Even if that meant starting with literally nothing, somehow I knew that loving myself enough to let it all go would take me on an adventure of self-love that would increase my self-esteem, self-worth and confidence so I could align with a healthier, happier love for myself, new relationships and a fulfilling life.

I was tired of being a stranger in my own life…

... and this is where my story continues... Where did I go?

are you ready for an adventure?

you know with me there is always one,

so here it goes...

I walked bravely out of my old life broken and shaken,

I could hear my destiny whispering louder than my mind… “go…”

I jumped boldly into what I considered my dream life for several years.

Scared, but ready,

I took a huge leap of faith and moved from the United States to Egypt.  

I was raw…

raw emotionally, mentally and physically.

My spirituality was my only hope for a saving grace at that point.

All I had left was - myself -.

I felt like one giant void, vulnerable and like I belonged no where.  

I mean no where.

Not in Egypt, not in the United States.  No where.

Living in a beautiful villa with my front yard being the Nile River and the Sahara Desert. 

It was all perfect.

Life around me seemed perfect…

outside I portrayed perfect…

inside I was a gut-wrenching, mess.

It was through the chilling nights of winter,

the scary stifling, blinding sandstorms in spring and

sweltering heated summer that

I learned more about my life than I could have ever imagined.

Living in a deep,

dark abyss was like living on earth,

but as a dead person.

Life was going on around me and

It was like I was of it,

but not in it.

I actually thought dying was the only viable option.

Not because I wanted to die, but

because I was floating in this

indescribable scary space.

I didn’t know how to get out of it and

couldn’t imagine how living this way would be possible.

Distraught, I did a lot of crying, meditating, journaling and soul searching.

Since I only had myself,

I dug deep inside to

figure out what got me to this situation,

why I needed to experience it,

why I no longer need it and

how to redirect my life.

I knew there had to be a reason for all of this, but

I was desperate for answers, solutions and for a big change.

Over the next year

it was difficult learning about myself.

Not only that, but

I was living in a completely different culture

which added more to the mix.

I had been taking groups for spiritual journeys for about 10 years prior, but

living in Egypt is a lot different than traveling in Egypt!

It was challenging, frustrating and many times unhinging.  

Being an independent American woman having to

adjust to a male dominant, Muslim society.

Luckily, I felt comfortable in Egypt and

wouldn’t lose myself to this culture, but

find a way to respect it and align with it, and we all got along just fine.

It was just a whole other thing to deal with on the outer world,

while I was dealing with my  inner world struggle.

But, it was all part of the magical combination that

would eventually unlock my heart and show me who I really was.

Not the person I grew up thinking I was, or

what people told me and expected me to be.

The me of me…

the real essence of me.

This is when everything changed and

finally I felt freedom and peace emerging within me.

That proverbial phoenix was rising!

This entire outer adventure took me on an

inner journey of awakening and transformation.

I went through a process of emotional healing that

brought understanding and closure to the life I left.

My slate cleared,

I was breathing deeper once again and

feeling connected to life again.

Right.  Where.  I.  Was.

Here I was...

a brand new Turning Point.

I help you understand yourself better so you can gain clarity and confidence and experience a lot more of what you want in life.  

Whether that is better relationships, love, happiness, health, peace, money, freedom or anything else...
I specialize in helping you through and to your next better level of life.

Sometimes you have to be brave enough to do things that you know are right.

You aren't serving yourself or anyone else by settling in life...

and if you are settling in one way, you are settling in all ways,

because how you do anything is how you do everything!

So where are you in life?

  •  Settling Point?
  • Breaking Point?
  • Turning Point?
  • Freedom Point?

Whatever point you are at, make it a priority to decide,

this or better?

.... and if you need help with any of it,

feel free to contact me,

because I can help you to focused in and

know what to do and

how to do it in the best ways for you!


You see, I used to settle, just like dust 😉

But the more I gave in to "being comfortable,"

for the sake of making "life easier and going through the

motions of having a relationship,"

the more I realized that justifying it all was

just lies trying to keep myself away from the painful truth how I was really feeling.

Your life matters.

How you feel matters.

What you want matters.


How are you settling in your life?

Can you imagine how your life could be if you didn't?

What holds you back?

How many more years are you willing to stay the same?

Think about what it is costing you to stay the same?

I help open-minded go-getters like you that can

no longer neglect yourself and ready for a turning point.

Hear how your life can change in as little as 17 days with options to dive deeply into you.

Get the guidance and direction to feel safe moving forward with clarity and confidence.

Make your way of life one that feels successful, happy, fulfilled and abundant on a daily basis.

If you could live this way, what would this mean for you and your life?

How much would it be worth to you to resolve your challenge?

Trust the Process ~ Achieve Your Results

I'm Here, You're Here ~ Let's Talk About It

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thanks for reading!

Big LOVE to YOU... right NOW!

PS:  I have a couple more spaces available in my Light Activation Healing Course in Pleasant Hill, CA in a few weeks... if you want to learn an advanced healing modality... contact me ASAP!

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