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About Cindy

One day the light bulb goes on and you can no longer ignore the life you are living doesn’t fit anymore.

You can barely stand that you’re only going through the motions.


You feel this growing distance with your life and those in it.


Are you internalizing your true feelings?

Your life has become more of an unspoken secret.

How can you admit how you really feel when you don't even understand?

Sinking deeper into confusion and justifying it's all just a lie to keep you away from the painful truth...


This feeling is not going away.
Doing nothing about it is no longer an option.

Stop being a stranger in your own life.


Cindy Eyler in the Nile-O-Meter ~ Aswan, Egypt

Your situation is manageable with my help.

Know exactly what you are dealing with.

Evaluate where you are with clarity.

Receive guidance and direction in this unexpected gap.

Gain confidence to decide what you want to do.

The only way out is through. 

You are safe.

You can get through this.

It will be an easier process then you think.

I help you each step of the way.


Your life matters.

How you feel matters.

What you want matters.

I show you "how"


Trust the Process ~ Achieve Your Results

I'm Here, You're Here ~ Let's Talk About It



My story is not conventional or the norm, because I'm neither.

I'm sure you will find out that yours isn't either.

That is why you ended up finding me.

That's how things work.

I know how to help you, because I've already done it myself, many times!


Sometimes you might feel this urge to get out of your mind, your life, your fears and just go do something different.  The thought of going somewhere spins in your head.  If only I could get on a plane... get out of here.  You just want some relief.  A break from it all.  You don't know what you want.  You just know you need something, different.  

It is normal for me to wake up some days and just know I have to travel to another country, release something from my life that isn't making me happy or take off on some sort of spontaneous adventure.... and I do. I have been blessed to travel to amazing places around the world and it is one of the most life-enhancing things you can do for yourself.

I consider myself a living expression of an ancient, modern and future world Oracle ~ when you get to know me (and I hope you do), you'll totally know why!  A natural born wisdom keeper that is also described as a Transformational Alchemist.

Cindy Eyler ~ Castle Crags, California
Cindy Eyler ~ Castle Crags, California

 What is a Transformational Alchemist? 

My "gifts" of intuitive mastery and wisdom, combined with my Services and Travel Offerings, create a personalized unique program for your situation.  Together we uncover your story and explore, create and mold your life now into something much more in alignment with YOU.  Frankly, this is your life begging for your attention.  That's why you feel the way you do!

 I guide you to get clearer understand and how to maneuver life in different and interesting ways.  Leading you to an improved and invigorated new zest for life. 


Knowing how to experience this world through clearer perceptions and observations you open doors to personal growth and vast opportunities that you may have not thought possible in the past. Whatever level you are experiencing in life --there is a lot more.  Together we can open your hidden unknowns that are key to bringing you much deeper meaning to your life.

When you are brave enough to love yourself so much that you can do no less than to say, YES to YOUR Life in expanded ways... you may find yourself making huge changes, but stay in the faith in the knowing that you will not only land on your feet, but you will land in a way better place!

How do I know?  Read on....


May your world open, expand and become all you can be and more...
it is not only possible, but probable.


Cindy Eyler ~ Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt


I am a world traveler leading many groups on transformational journeys as a conduit to assist clients with outer journeys that lead to deep inner discovery.  My groups primarily travel to Egypt, Peru, India, Mexico, Hawaii, Bimini and Mt. Shasta. I have seen my client's lives expand and enliven when they can get out of their day to day, and experience touching ancient civilizations and immersion into other cultures.  I understand the importance of tapping into those untouched places in your heart that allows an inner-emergence to bring new and exciting realizations into your life.  I am an expert in working in indigenous locations and sharing the energies that take you to new depths and heights in your life experience.


I've faced huge fears and just like a cat always land on my feet.

In 2011, I spent 11 months releasing everything in my life, everything!  I had a beautiful home in the San Francisco Bay Area, my business’ foundation had been set there for many years, I left my 15 year relationship, family, friends, clients and students… I got up one day, knew it was time, called my friends to help me pack a few of my belongings, walked out of my house and never looked back.

I had everything I could have wanted, well, not “everything,” because I left… I left behind a man whom I had an addictingly fun, loving and unique relationship with.  Unfortunately, there were also parts of us that weren't traveling in the same direction that eventually tore us apart.   However, further to this truth, I left because I wasn’t loving myself by staying.  I deserved to be loved, healthy, happy and free from the little nagging demons that were picking away at me from what was happening on the sidelines our relationship… I decided it was time to be true to myself and my life journey.

Even if that meant starting with literally nothing, somehow I knew that loving myself enough to let it all go would take me on an adventure of self-love that would open me to the true reason for incarnating into this human experience.


 I walked bravely out of my old life and jumped boldly into my dream life...
and moved from the United States to Egypt.

Cindy Eyler ~ Dandara (Hathor) Temple, Egypt


I have been taking groups to Egypt on transformational journeys for years now.  Each time I traveled through Egypt my heart would expand and open.  With every experience I had in Egypt I realized my deep connection and love for this amazing country, the ancients and her people.  Little did I know that for years I had been manifesting this move.  I am still baffled.

Looking back I can totally see how it manifested, but a few years ago, I would have never thought I’d be living in Aswan, Egypt.  I continue my journey living between Egypt and the United States... and am living life with the deepest self-love possible, letting nothing ever get in the way of my wants, desires, happiness and freedom.


Cindy Eyler ~ Heart Labyrnith, California


I know that it is a synergy of who am is at a soul level, my natural gifts of intuition, my extensive experiences in my transformational journeys, and being brave enough to go for what I want and never settling for less; that I is able to assist others in creating the same.

If you feel a pull, you are ready.  

I will take you on an inner journey of truth and help you articulate your passions and purpose. Further, I will help you find your own self-love.  For when you finally touch the love that you are, your world can ignite into miraculous!  Can you feel your heart and soul calling?

Ready to begin discovering your deeper life?


YES! Let's do it!


Originally Ordained as a Minister in 1995 by the original Universal Life Church, I have performed Spiritual Counseling services, Spiritual Retreats, Spiritual Alternative Healing, and Ceremonies for all life transitions from birth, baptism, wedding, transformation and death. I am excited to additionally accept Ordination from the Universal Life Church Monastery, as well! This is to strengthen my spiritual network and passion for being of Service with those associated with ULC and those guided to work with me in their spiritual journeys of life and love.