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5 Ways to Love Your Life

5 Ways to Love Your Life

When you love your life, life loves you back. 

The Universe is your best friend ~ whatever you say, the Universe agrees with you!

Understanding the Universe has changed my life for the better.

I went from a life of daily dread to a life of epic excellence!

Where is your life, between dread and excellence?

The Universe echoes your every word, feeling, thought and belief.

You say, "Life is so fun!"

The Universe agrees, "Your life is fun!" ... and gives you more fun in your life.

You say, "I always have more than enough to do what I want."

The Universe agrees, "You always have more than enough to do what you want." ... and gives you more than enough to do what you want.

You say, "Nothing ever works out for me!"

The Universe agrees, "Nothing ever works out for you!" ... and keeps showing you more how life never works out for you.

You say, "I never have enough money."

The Universe agrees, "You never have enough money." ... and keeps showing more that you never have enough money.

Quantum physics scientifically proves:  What energy you put out, is what energy you attract to yourself.

Simply put:   What you say/feel/think/believe is what you get.

It really is that plain and simple.

If you are not experiencing what you want in life, take it as a big sign!

You have to -decide- are going to use your words, feelings, thoughts and beliefs that SUPPORT you rather than work against you.

The sooner you start, the sooner you will reap the rewards.

No one can do this for you... you have to do it yourself, so your experience lies solely in your hands.

Here are 5 ways you can start loving your life:

1.  Wake up and say:  Good things are coming my way today!  I can hardly wait!

2.  Be a Miracle Worker for one person a day.  

Before you start your day say:  Show me an opportunity where I can be a miracle worker today, and the Universe will, and you will not only be a miracle for someone else, but you will open yourself up to also receive a miracle!

3.  Choose optimism instead of pessimism... even if you have to fake it till you make it!

Example:  If you catch yourself saying:  Everything keeps going wrong today!

Change it to:  But I know it is getting better and better as the day goes on!

This will automatically shift your experience.  Believe me it works.

4.  Live in the Present ~ Every day in every moment.  

Once you learn to do this, you will no longer experience fear, anxiety or depression.  

If you find yourself feeling any of those emotions, it is a big sign --> get back in the present.  In the present, all is well.

5.  Be grateful for the tiniest things in life, even if it is the smallest flower in a field of weeds...

Find gratitude in everything you can.  

Look for things to be grateful for all day long.  This is the absolute best thing you can do to see your life turn to amazing, quickly!

What do you think? 

Are you ready to love your life?

Here's Your Special Bonus Video:

Free Yourself to Live Your Best Life

Make loving your life a priority!  You are worth it!

Now it's your turn:  Comment below on one of YOUR favorite ways to love your life!

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4 Responses to 5 Ways to Love Your Life

  1. Cindy, I loved how you have explained this very simply and in a to-the-point manner. Am going to follow these 5 points. And absolutely sharing this on my wall and my page.

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