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3 Days to Living Your Dream ~ Make It Happen!

Ever dreamed of living your dream life? Seem like a dream? LOL

 ... well, it doesn't have to be!

Let's face it... I think you and everyone else can say you are busy, right?

Ever wonder how people are able to go for their dreams and attain them?

The truth is, if some can do this, so can you 😉

We all start at the same place ---> it all starts with Having a Dream!

Martin Luther King spoke about that... he had a dream, and against all odds, his dream was more important than the excuse that he was too busy to pursue it... and look what that great man stood for! Go ahead, click on his link... be inspired!

Imagine if everyone lived their best lives... this world would be more amazing then the word amazing could ever feel!

We are so blessed to have people in our world that care so much about other people and our world that they stand up and stand up and stand up... and just keep standing up! I'm inspired just thinking about it.

How about Rosa Parks and Mother Teresa... don't use 'money' as an excuse, these ladies were on a mission, they knew their purpose and they lived to succeed.... and they were epically inspirational!

After pondering these 3 people for even a second, do you really think your dreams are so far fetched? Heck no!

I'm not saying you have to even reach as high as these 3 amazing people...


---> just Reach for YOU! YOU!


You are worthy of living and enjoying your life and your dreams

~ and You Can!


Every person is here for a purpose, and if that purpose includes making heart-based decisions, motivated by inspired passion, that purpose not only awakens a person to a whole new level of being, but also highly impacts the people and world around them...


---> isn't it time for YOU to understand YOUR Purpose?


Honestly, life is so small and limiting when you only choose to be busy, run around like a chicken with its head cut off and blinded to the fact that you came here to be magnificent in only the way that YOU can be magnificent!

Get off that treadmill for goodness sake!

Enough already... it is stomach curdling to even imagine people still let "busy" run their lives... it's so yesterday!


How about if you give yourself the gift of 3 days.

  • 3 days to feel who you are and be free to be who you are.
  • 3 days to savor each day in the beautiful pure energy of nature.
  • 3 days to let go of the stuff that holds you down.
  • 3 days to understand what you want and how to get it.
  • 3 days to gain clarity on your purpose, passion and what to do with them.
  • 3 days for outer adventures for inner discovery with amazing fun, interesting and supportive people.
  • 3 days of life expanding activities that will deliver wowness you can't even imagine?

Mt. Shasta Panther Meadows

I can "take you there!"


Holy strawberries, Batman, let's get out of the jam, already! 😉




So here it is folks....

Me, Myself and I am heading to Mt. Shasta, California to lead an Epic 3 Day Journey... and I'm feeling generous.

I already have a beautiful group of people joining me... how do I know? Because almost every person that has signed up so far has come to at least 2 if not 4 of my Mt. Shasta Journeys... does that say anything in itself?

My Mt. Shasta Journey ROCKS, baby!!

I am going to be there spending my time helping you, while having a blast with experiences I am SURE you have not ever experienced before...

Wouldn't you love to hang out with me and get your life on track like never before? I'll be there... will YOU?

 There is a difference between people who want to live their dreams and people who DO live their dreams...

 It's easy... the people who DO live their dreams - DO IT!




Everyone has a choice... Do it for YOU!


... and here is the generous part...


If you are ready to get out of your 'jam' and jump into your 'smoothie' ...

---> For my Subscribers Only I am offering You, the Discount Rate that has already expired.

Further, I am also offering for the first 3 people that sign up an additional discount on top of the Subscriber Only special...


*** But this Offer is Only Good for the Next 4 Days! So the time is now! ***


Got mouse?  Click it baby and --- Sign Up Now!


Oprah said: "I believe there's a calling for all of us. I know that every human being has value and purpose. The real work of our lives is to become aware. And awakened. To answer the call."


Did you hear "How Oprah Found Her Purpose" ??

.... the same way YOU can find YOUR's by just Taking the Time to Find It!


 Ready to "Answer Your Call?"


When you take time for YOU, that is when Your Life Gets a Whole Lot Better!


---->  You are Living, you might as well Start Living for YOU!  <----


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