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1 Common Mistake that Blocks Your Abundance

1 Common Mistake that Blocks Your Abundance

Are you making this 1 Common Mistake that Blocks Abundance or Anything Else You Want in Life?

As you know, my work is all about helping you live your best life!

Many of you know I left my entire life with basically my clothes a few years ago...

Since, I've lived in Egypt for about a year, and then came back to the US, living in furnished villas and houses at each stop.

I'm moving again, but this time to an unfurnished house, which means buying everything from mattresses to forks.

As you can imagine that is a lot of big *cha ching* not to mention I had to pay 3 full rents for the month of June!

Can you give me a *hallelujah* for being abundant enough to afford all of this at one time! -- ALL CASH, baby!!! Noooo credit cards for me!

I have been going about my business looking for things I really like...

and when I caught myself seeing something I really *love,*

but edging towards settling for something less expensive that I *like,*

I stopped myself and said - NO!

You see, all my life I have "settled" for less than what I wanted.

Whether it was a mattress, a computer, dishes or even relationships - settled, settled, settled!

Not to say that what I settled for was not good, but it wasn't what I ultimately really wanted - and I knew it.

I noticed I started breaking this habit when my laptop instantly died a few months ago... and I made that exact split second decision ...

I am getting that MacBook Air .

In the past, every time I would visit Best Buy, I would make my way around the Apple display, touch the MacBook Air and say... you are my next computer.

So it was a no brainer...

Even if I knew it was more $$$ it was what I wanted, and I was not going to settle on it this time.

Anyway, with this move, I have had several opportunities to practice shifting my mindset with all the expenses I have had to deal with all at once.

I fell in love with an 80 year old chest of drawers with a beautiful mirror with hinged on side mirrors and little drawers and compartments (can't explain how much I loved this piece)...

Here I was, trying to talk myself into getting something less expensive that was more practical, because honestly, I was buying the piece for the mirror and little drawers that sit on top of the drawer

It seemed like a splurge and not the most practical for my needs, but you know what -- we had a connection.

It reminded me of my grandmother (if read my book, Dead People in My Life, you would understand why this was a connection for me) and my childhood and I loved the piece.

Long story short I ended up getting a great deal -- a big discount + another dresser which both ended up the same price as the original price of the one piece I loved - I went with what I wanted and I got more for what I paid *success!*  I didn't settle and it felt so good.

I did the same thing with buying a mattress set...

I finally treated myself to, (for me), a high end mattress set... as if that wasn't enough, I remembered how much I've always wanted a king size... do I need it? No... do I want it? YES!!

I have wanted one all my life, but have been convinced by others, I didn't need it...well, as you know, when you invest in a new mattress set, you keep it for a long time usually... so either I just dish out that extra $200 or settle once again for the next how many years...

Well, get this... I left the original store I was going to purchase it at and as I was driving home saw another mattress store, almost passed by, but at the last second whipped into the last driveway to get back to the store...

Long story short... this store was offering the same mattresses at $300 less -- I got my King size bed and still saved $100! *success!*  I didn't settle and it felt so great!

To boot, both places I bought furniture and the mattresses at were both 2 men running their own small businesses --

I felt so elated supporting the locals and their businesses and saved a lot of money doing it. --- I'd say, another *success!*

And... the main moral to this story is...

The only way to "get from where you are, to where you want to be" is to change the way you think.

  • Stay in integrity with your dreams by -taking actions to support those dreams into your reality-.
  • By choosing to let go of the "settle" energy and go for "what you want,"  it keeps you aligned with "where you want to be"
  • You are putting yourself into the energy of:  "where you want to be ---> to BEING WHAT YOU ARE!"

Wow!  Do you get that?  You may want to read that again!

 Live Your Best Life

The only way to see your dreams become your REALity is by taking actions to demonstrate you are living AS IF...

and -doing it-, you ALREADY ARE... and it feels SO GOOD!

As you see... not only did I get what I want, but when I made the decision to follow my heart and get what I want...

---> the $$$ all magically worked itself into place, and I ended up SAVING money and GETTING the BEST!! *SUCCESS*


Shift Happens when You Go with Your Heart with the peace of mind that you are worth more than settling!


When we act abundant we ARE abundant!

When I walk into my new place, I am surrounded with a new life that reflects that abundance mindset...

and that allows for even more to unfold in my future!

"Abundance Goes Where Abundance Flows!" ~ Cindy Eyler


---> It's All in YOUR MINDSET <---


I just gave you some great examples... now it's YOUR turn... Shift it, Baby!!!


Need help Shifting YOUR Mindset?


Please "Comment" below and let me know how settling has affected your life.


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12 Responses to 1 Common Mistake that Blocks Your Abundance

  1. The only person you are ultimately in charge of is you. If you want something it then stands to reason you’re responsible for attaining what ever it is that you what. Dream big for yourself because no one else will make your dreams come true. However, make sure the dreams you have for yourself are based in reality not fantasy.

    • Thanks, Fred, for reading and commenting. I personally don’t believe any dream is too big or too anything… if you can dream it, you can receive it — as long as your thoughts, words and actions align with it.

  2. So many great points. Love this. “The only way to see your dreams become your REALty is by taking actions to demonstrate you are living AS IF…”

    There is no denying the universal laws.

  3. It’s very true, and I’ve found the same thing. I just decided one day to get that iPhone I’d been wanting and realized it was what I wanted 10 years ago when I first got a cell phone that supposedly had “internet”. Of course, the iPhone didn’t exist when I wanted it, so I had to “settle”. I’m very proud to say that I haven’t had to use any of my credit cards for the past 7 weeks. That’s the only way to pay them off! 🙂

  4. Love, love, love the article. Way too many times I’ve settled. Enough with the lack mindset. Time to shift baby shift. Thanks for the post!!!

  5. Great advice on not settling. It’s so helpful to hear your story. Thanks. I’m going to remember not to settle. I release that energy now.

  6. I was discussing this exact topic yesterday with a friend and I realised that I have actually done this many times in my life – I just didn’t know it. Now that I am more aware of what can happen I will empower myself with this knowledge more often.

    Thank you Cindy for sharing this. It is very powerful!

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